Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Coffee

Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Variety Pack Coffee

Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Coffee

When I have coffee I want a great tasting cup of coffee without bitterness.  I should be able to drink the coffee without any extras like cream and sugar and still love it.  Brooklyn Beans has that cup of coffee! Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Variety Pack Coffee has a wonderful variety of medium blend coffee.  Just medium blend. This is my hubby’s favorite coffee. I like it also but hubby loves his morning coffee.

I wake up to my coffee and these Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Variety Pack Coffee gives me the smooth flavor I need to wake up.  I don’t want the extra calories so I just want to drink it plain just black no extras.  If you want a great tasting coffee then you need to try this variety pack. This is my go to, everyday coffee.

Even when I add cream or sugar or both this cup of coffee just gets better. You can add your special creamers to this coffee and it will taste a lot better than other coffees that are flavored. Coffee makes a great gift anytime of the year for housewarming, birthdays, and the holidays. If they like coffee they will love Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Coffee.

You can even recycle the k-cup and right on the listing, Brooklyn Beans shows you how to clean it and have it ready. Why not try to be green while drinking your favorite morning coffee? It never hurts and always helps the environment!

Hubby loves to wake up to be alone for a few minutes and just wake up.  His coffee is part of that process and this Brooklyn Beans Medium Roast Coffee Variety Pack lets him choose exactly what it will take to wake up and take on his day.  Don’t talk to him for the first few minutes and then when he wakes up watch out, his loves to laugh and joke around.

How do you like to wake up?

Brooklyn Beans



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  1. I have been following, and a fan of, Brooklyn Beans for a few years now. They are such a versatile company when it comes to their blends. My favorite is their medium roast though. Smooth and just the right kick to my morning.

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