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Brooklyn Beans Midnight Hot Cocoa

Brooklyn Beans Midnight Hot Cocoa

If you’re a lover of dark chocolate you’ll appreciate the rich decadence of this intense, silky hot cocoa that is as dark as night. Whether you are looking for a steaming cup of creamy cocoa to drink with your midnight snack or a soothing yet sophisticated bit of indulgence you will find that this tasty treat makes your day.  Brooklyn Beans Midnight Hot Cocoa is a rich dark chocolate that is wonderful and unique.

Brooklyn Beans Midnight Hot Cocoa

Dark chocolate is an acquired taste and often isn’t for everyone. I love it and I appreciate the nuanced bittersweet aroma and taste of Midnight Cocoa.  Desiree loves dark chocolate so this is perfect for her, she loves it.  I love hot chocolate and this one did not disappoint.  All Brooklyn Bean’s cocoa is really, really, good!  This has a rich, creamy, chocolatey flavor.   How does drinking a dark chocolate candy bar sound to you?

Brooklyn Beans Midnight Hot Cocoa

I finally have a dark chocolate hot cocoa that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. Usually I can’t finish a cup of dark chocolate cocoa because its way too rich or sickening sweet. This Brooklyn Beans Midnight Hot Cocoa is perfect.

At Brooklyn Beans Roastery, they’re not happy unless your last cup of coffee is as good as the first one of the day.


I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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