BugBand All-Natural, DEET-Free Insect Repellent

BugBand All-Natural, DEET-Free Insect Repellent

If you love the outdoors — be it the woods or just your own backyard — keep yourself safe and comfortable this summer with the line of DEET-free BugBand Insect Repellents. Whether it’s the original, multi-hued wristband, the spray lotion or the towelettes, you’ll be warding off biting insects that carry the West Nile virus, Zika and other bacteria and parasites, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums (aka biting gnats, midges or sandflies) and fleas. BugBand uses geraniol, a natural substance produced by honeybees, for long-lasting protection. Made in the U.S.A. BugBand Bands, which can be worn on wrists and ankles, or attached to tents, belts, strollers and more, provide up to 120 hours of protection. Towelettes and sprays offer 2 to 4 hours of protection. Available on Amazon, Walmart.com, Target.com, and in Walmart, Bass Pro and Cabela’s stores, and everywhere else outdoor supplies are sold.

BugBand TICK PLUS spray lotion is perfect for when you need protection from ticks. BugBand TICK PLUS spray lotion does not contain any propellants, but relies on a highly effective metered pump sprayer to dispense a fine mist over the area to be treated. By spraying BugBand TICK PLUSdirectly on clothing or skin, the Geraniol vapors form a protective barrier to deter blood-sucking insects from biting. It is ideal for use around the ankles, wrist or neck, where ticks tend to invade clothing. Use once for hours of tick protection.

The BugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion is a very handy, easy-to use method of applying Geraniol DEET-Free mosquito repellent. TheBugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion Twin Pack travels anywhere, are lightweight and take up very little space. Safe and effective,BugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion allow for exact application of Geraniol lotion on exposed skin. They’re ideal for using around adult’s faces or necks without over-applying. BugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion can be folded and stored in the container for future use.

BugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion come in a variety of package sizes and counts for just about any situation imaginable from super space saving BugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion Twin Pack to Jumbo 40 Count Family Tubs.


The BugBand Insect Repelling Band comes in multiple colors, includingolive green, blue, yellow, red, pink, black, orange, purple, and Glow-in-the-Dark.

Each BugBand Band is packaged in an innovative reusable plastic “pod” in which to store the BugBand Band. It can be sealed between uses to preserve the active life of the product’s active ingredient.

BugBand Insect Repelling Band is designed with a patented break-away strap that releases if it becomes entangled. It can also be worn on belt loops, hat bands, pet collars, fastened in tents, attached to baby carriages or applied to other areas where mosquitoes could be a threat.

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