Buggaloop Game – How Much Fun Can You Have With These Bugs? #GFE416

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Buggaloop Game – How Much Fun Can You Have With These Bugs?

Look out! There’s a HEXBUG in the yard and it’s coming after you! Players roll the die and move their bugs across the yard, until the HEXBUG emerges from the loop and tries to bump them off. If your bugs are safe, then continue moving across the yard. Get bumped and you’ll have to start from the beginning again! The first player to get all of their bugs safely across wins!


Introducing Innovation First’s Hexbug Creatures! These Micro Robotic pets behave like real bugs that react to touch, sound, and light. Collect all the Hexbug creatures including the: original Hexbug, Inchworm, Crab, Ant, and Nano! The original Hexbug reacts to touch and sound, the crab reacts to light and sound and the Ant reacts to touch. You have the power to control the inchworm…the first full-range control robotic creature. The nano behaves like a real bug and can even flip itself over! Innovation First began producing electronics for unmanned mobile ground robots, and is now the industry leader. Innovation First also developed the VEX Robotics Design System, the leading classroom robotics platform, which won the prestigious Best of Innovation Award at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show.

My grandkids love Nano Bugs! Now for another great idea to make, BuggaLoop, a game that includes them! During this game the Nano Bug does loops and even disappears under the game only to come back up and do another loop. The battery is included, thankfully so you can open BuggaLoop and get started right away; set-up is fast and easy too.

During the time the Nano Bug does its loops and disappears under the game, is when you can play and you want to do it fast to move as many of your bugs across the board. Once the Nano Bug is on the game board, you stop play and see how many of your pieces are moved by the Nano Bug. Once the Nano Bug goes on the loop again you have to pick up the pieces and continue the game again. It is a lot of fun to play!

This is a game I know we will continue to play as a family and I know my grandkids will get it out to play with each other too! The BuggaLoop game would be a great Easter basket gift any child who likes games, especially those who like Nano Bugs!

HEXBUG Nano Moving Bugs Board Game contains a 3D yard game board, HEXBUG nano V2, 2 loops, 12 bugs, a die, and instructions. BuggaLoop bug scramble game is designed for 2-4 players and takes about 10-15 minutes to play.

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  1. This would be perfect to play with the kids on a rainy day when I can’t send them outside to play. Looks like fun.

  2. This is an exciting and different game to play. I would enjoy seeing how the Nano Bugs work and affect the play of the game.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I know me and my grandchildren would enjoy! playing this game, nothing like a good bug game to get things started loll

  4. Micro Robotic bugs!! What will they think of next….I know two little boys who would like this very much.

  5. (Buggaloop Game – How Much Fun Can You Have With These Bugs? ) Wow! They have so many fun sounding games to play for any family game night.

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