Build A Zoo With Playmobil

Build A Zoo With Playmobil

Build A Zoo With Playmobil

Kids love the zoo and all the animals!  With playmobil they can Build A Zoo with different sets that lets them play for hours. Since they build a zoo by themselves they have even more fun. You can add a new set or buy the complete set all at once.

Let their imagination run wild when they build a zoo with the orangutans.  This set comes with 49 pieces so they can place things anyplace they want to. Mom or Dad will have to help them put the tree together but then it is all their masterpiece.

This set includes two adult orangutans, two baby orangutans, zookeeper, tree, vines, playing ring, bucket, apples, banana, and other accessories. Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.9 x 9.3 in. Recommended for kids 4 and above.

Watch as the Orangutans swing from branch to branch. These agile animals can grasp branches, vines, and the playing ring with both their hands and feet!

They take a quick break from playing when the zookeeper brings their favorite lunch, fresh fruit.


Create an exciting zoo experience by combining with the Large City Zoo (70341) and Zoo Enclosure (70347), or add the rest of the PLAYMOBIL Adventure Zoo theme (70324,70342-70360) for more wild fun.

Don’t forget the Flock of Flamingos. This will add some bright colors to their zoo.

This is 12 pieces which makes 6 flamingos. Fun as a single item or addition to the great experience zoo.

Toy set for children aged 4 and up: ideal for children’s hands due to age-appropriate size and pleasant feel with rounded edges.

Instructions for assembly together with parents, older kids can probably do it on their own. These are both high-quality and robust design. Plus cleaning the parts (without stickers) is easy just clean under running water without chemicals.



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