Caleb Company Green Bento Boxes

Caleb Company Green Bento Boxes

Caleb Company Green Bento Boxes

Make for sure your lunch doesn’t get smashed in the bag with these Caleb Company Green Bento Boxes.  There is lots of room in these but they still easily fit into a lunch bag.  These Caleb Company Green Bento Boxes seal completely all the way around.

Whether you’re meal prepping for your child or yourself, these food storage containers are a perfect choice; Save time and money by planning out your meals days or weeks in advance and store them in these handy meal prep containers 3 compartments

What you place inside the lunch box containers will stay inside thanks to the engineered 4 lock silicone sealed lids. These airtight and kid-friendly lids are designed to prevent leaks, meaning you can pack moist foods without the worry of spillage in your bag or backpack. One less thing to worry about!

You don’t have to worry about these reusable lunchboxes cracking, chipping, or shattering because they are made from highly durable food grade, BPA free plastic that is free of harmful chemicals such as BPAs, PVCs, lead, and other toxins. This eco friendly and versatile large bento set is also microwavable, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe. Life just got a little easier!

I like that you can separate different things if you choose to. Each bento box in this 3 piece lunchbox set measures 7 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches and has a huge 39oz storage capacity, the perfect size to pack a filling hot or cold lunch. Unlike others, these lightweight and leakproof bento lunch containers will easily slide into a bag or backpack and you never have to worry about your food spilling out of the container or onto your bag!

It’s nice that you can remove the separators if you choose to. You’ll really appreciate the versatility of this lunch tupperware set. Great for adults and kids who want their meals separated into different compartments. Each one has 3 removable dividers (1 large & 2 small) so you can configure them any way you like to create the perfect compartmentalized meal. Use one compartment for your main meal and two for sides! Plus, they really do keep food and snacks neatly organized and prevent mixing so your lunch is exactly as you made it!

Whether lunch planning for your kids or yourself, these bento boxes are a perfect match. They’re great for taking snacks on picnics or when camping, as well as being used in the office for storing lunch leftovers. With 24 pages of recipes included you’ll never be short on packed lunch ideas! Save time and money by planning out your delicious meals days or weeks in advance and store them in the flexible 3 compartments. Is it lunchtime yet??

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  1. These are really nice bento boxes! I love that they are so durable and are sealed tight to prevent leaks. They are a really nice size too.

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