Camping S’More Builder

Camping S’More Builder

Camping S’More Builder

Who doesn’t love the campfire favorite dessert of s’mores? But making them, especially if helping little children, always involves sticky and maybe even burnt fingers. Firebuggz’s S’More Builder is the easy, hassle-free way to make a perfect s’more every time! Just place the cracker and chocolate inside the basket, the toasted marshmallow slides off from the slot, and then cap it with the top cracker. Flip it over into your hand and enjoy!

We don’t build a lot of fires but Desiree loves S’Mores so this S’more Builder is perfect for her. When she goes camping or over to her Aunt’s house, they do S’mores a lot, so this will get a lot of use. Made of a study plastic.

No more sticky or burnt fingers!  Make the perfect S’more with Firebuggz S’More Builder which comes in four fun colors!

1. Simply place your cracker into the s’more builder and add chocolate.

2. Place roaster over cracker and chocolate, slide into slot and pull the roaster back leaving the marshmallow on top of the bottom cracker and chocolate.

3. Place top cracker on marshmallow and slightly press together.

4. Flip over s’more builder and food will release into hands.

5. Enjoy!

All you need is the marshmallow cooking sticks, a big bag of large marshmallows, and graham crackers. This little S’More Builder is really cool and makes it easy to make them without burning your fingers, which I always do. This will get the kids outdoors and off their phones they love them and why not be safer when making them.

FIREBUGGZ goal is to bring family and friends together enjoying the outdoors away from technology distractions.






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