CanvasDiscount.com Personalized Plush Blanket

CanvasDiscount.com Personalized Plush Blanket

I love having different throws and blankets and the one I received from CanvasDiscount.com did not disappoint. This blanket is warm and heavy blanket.  CanvasDiscount.com Premium Plush Blankets are just beautiful. They are unique from any other blanket I have seen in the past. The picture covers the entire blanket, one picture.

CanvasDiscount.com Personalized Plush Blanket

Give your bed the personalized touch with a CanvasDiscount.com blanket. You can get them as big as 60 x 80 inches. That’s a big custom photo blanket. This makes a great gift especially for Valentine’s Day. I gave this to my husband for Valentine’s Day and threw some flower petals on it so he would know it was his gift lol. I could not get it straightened out perfectly but as you can see it is a picture of 2 of the grandkids, we haven’t seen in quite awhile.  The 80 inches fits across my king size bed and hangs over so it should be long enough for almost anyone. We love and miss the grandkids and we will be thinking about them on Valentine’s Day if not every day.

They have so many personalized products including 2 different types of their fleece blankets, pillows, mugs, prints, face masks, towels, mouse pad, and more.  They have very affordable pricing and with code MICHIGANSAVING90 you will save up to 90%. Using this code they will get an extra discount on the already discounted canvasdiscount.com product range – in total saving up to 90%

Order your special Valentine’s Day gift and then Share the love with CanvasDiscount.com. You could order a special vacation picture of the 2 of you to remind him how long you have been together and all the fun times you have had. Have a blanket made of one of your wedding photos to remind him you love him more today than you did even back then. This works either way, any woman I know would love to get a personalized cozy blanket for Valentine’s Day.

People have a preference for how the seams are put together.  There are 2 fleece blankets sewn together.  That makes it extra soft and perfect for cozying up on the couch for Valentine’s night! I lightened this picture up so you could see the seem better the gray is actually blue and very pretty.  The picture is amazing how perfect it is to the original picture.

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  1. Blankets are my favorite thing ever!! At home you can always find me walking around with a big, fluffy blanket wrapped around me!! This looks amazing!

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