Car Window Shade for Baby

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Car Window Shade for Baby

Car Window Shade for Baby

The Uarter side window shade is made of a flexible, stretchy mesh material that helps block the sun, making your child safer and your car cooler. Uarter sun shades won’t hurt your car’s paint job or its interior, either. This durable. lightweight fabric simply pulls down over the car door. Installation could not be simpler! Close the door to secure the shade, which is so thin and light that you’ll never know it’s there.

Once it’s on your children will be protected, and you’ll enjoy much cooler in-cabin temperatures, greater privacy, and a clean, classy look. And the best part is, when summer’s heat fades, the shades can come off in less time than it takes to read this. Each set contains shades for two side door windows. Don’t wait, get your sunshade set today. 100% money back guarantee!

Car Window Shade for Baby

The sun shade is a superior product with many benefits, including:
– Covers entire window for protection against sunburns.
– Prevents damage and marks on car door glasses!
– Improves air flow within the car!

How to use:
Just directly pull down this flexible and stretchy mesh curtain and cover on the open car door.

Material: nylon, spandex, and lycra
Function: car side window sun protection
Size: 23.2”*20.3”*46.8”(maximum)
Color: black
Package list: 2*sun shade

What I like the most about it is that I can keep the sunlight out while having my car window rolled down.  They seem to be very strong. You still get some breeze coming up, but it blocks out the bright sun!  There is so much stretch that I can see this working on all kinds of cars.  Slides on so easily and comes off just as easy!

It is a breathable mesh-like polyester, and it seems to be very well-made. I would definitely recommend this for any family with small children. It really works!  The package comes with two window shades in a small bag.  It really is like a sock!  The seams are sturdy and well constructed and I did not experience tearing or pulling at all.


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I received this product to give my honest opinion!

Car Window Shade for Baby

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  1. Will be needing to buy one of these for when my baby is due in Sept. Great review and will be buying one of these soon

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