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New and Old Card Games From Regal Games

When is the last time you have played a good card game?  Get a group of people together to play some New and Old Card Games From Regal Games.  Some are shorter games, some take longer and the more players the more fun.  Regal Games makes all kinds of great card games including the standard decks of playing cards. You can get this as a set or buy each game individually HERE.

ScorZo – The Wild Side of Rummy! Rummy like never before! ScorZo brings a new strategy with every round. A rummy for the whole family! Try to win big, but don’t get stuck with too many points. Enjoy an exciting new twist to the Rummy card game that has been enjoyed by generations of players with this ScorZo card game from Regal Games. It’s easy and exciting for friends and foes. With easy-to-learn rules, this Rummy card desk is fun for all ages. You’ll be the life of the party wherever you go when you bring ScorZo along!

Banapples – The Game With Twists But No Turns! Race to plant all cards from your Seed Pile and see who can play the most cards into the Canopy. It’s a game of speed, precision, and competition. Do you have what it takes to be not only the fastest player but the best? Banapples is a strategic sorting game that makes you use your critical thinking and fast reflexes.

The Goodge Rules – Be Careful What You Bid For! When in Pawpaw Goodge’s house, you play by Pawpaw Goodge’s rules. For over 70 years, the Goodge Family has perfected their own game of tricks and trumps, becoming a beloved family tradition. The Goodge Rules brings the classic game of Hearts and Spades to a whole new level. Do not be deceived by PawPaw’s family-fun nature; this is not your typical trick game. The Goodge Rules has since spread from family to family, becoming the staple for family game night mayhem. Bid to become “The Goodge” so you can make the rules. The Goodge is in charge: choose the trump, stash some extra cards, and bid your way to victory. Are you willing to risk it all? Do you have the cards and the skill to back it up? Watch out for frenemies and enemies!

You may be facing trash monsters during gameplay, but Regal Games Garbage Card Game is definitely a family card game that you will want to keep. This classic family card games is fast-paced and exciting fun for 2 to 4 players, with rules that can be easily picked up and learned by kids and adults alike. This family card game brings you face to face with 16 lovable garbage monsters, and features fun, interactive gameplay which teaches valuable counting, sorting and sequencing skills. Beautiful vibrant colors and large easy to read numbers and symbols keep this kids card game fresh and fun, and makes for an intriguing and amusing present for children’s Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and other special occasions. Garbage is an easy card deck to pack up and take with you on the go, making for an excellent all ages game to take with you on family vacations, or to parties, birthdays, sleepovers, and family game night settings.

Bring a sharp, entertaining twist to the much-loved game Spoons with the infinitely enjoyable Spoons and Sporks family card game from Regal Games. Spoons and Sporks creates fast-paced and exciting fun which stays fresh after multiple plays, and encourages quick reflexes in your quest to reach four of a kind and grab for the spoons, while keeping an eye out for that spork. Perfect for 3 to 8 players, this classic card deck features eye-catching vibrant colors and large easy-to read letters, numbers, and symbols to keep gameplay fun and easily accessible for both kids and adults. This family card game set is easy to pack up and bring with you on the go, making for an excellent travel game to bring with you on vacations, or to family game nights, parties, sleepovers, and other gatherings. Spoons and Sporks family party card game is great fun for all ages, and makes for a unique gift idea for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and other special occasions.

I use to play this every weekend years ago, but now I have to remind myself of the rules and start playing again. Enjoy classic strategic Rummy style gameplay with your friends and family with this Canasta family card game. Each playing card features beautiful silver printed backs for a classy and elegant design, and provides point values to keep gameplay fast-paced and exciting. This Canasta playing card deck is easy to bring with you on the go, making this rummy playing card set an excellent game to bring along with you on vacation, or to parties, family game nights, birthdays, sleepovers, and other social gatherings. Bring addictive fun and a touch of sophistication to any game night with this Canasta playing card set.

This is Regal Games’ Monaco Elites Plastic Playing Cards. These last a long time and are easy to shuffle, almost too easy because at first they like to slide.

Now this is the way to buy playing cards.  Always have a deck ready for the next party.  Throw a deck in your purse and be ready to play at a moments notice.

Regal Games makes a lot of great card games and a lot more.  You can find all the games on Amazon.  Make it a fun weekend get-together and pick up some new card games. They have great tutorial videos on You Tube to learn new games faster than reading the rules.




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