All in the Cards Puts The Finishing Touches To The Holiday Gifts @Allinthecards21 @SMGurusNetwork

All in the Cards Puts The Finishing Touches To The Holiday Gifts

All in the Cards Puts The Finishing Touches To The Holiday Gifts

All in the Cards has amazing products for gift wrapping.  I am always at a loss for the perfect wrapping needed for my gifts All in the Card is sold at Target and Walmart, and has the key to it all without breaking the bank.  They also have cute tassels and hanging tags to use to make that present sparkle on the outside as much as the contents on the inside.
I am terrible at wrapping gifts but give me the right material and everyone can make gifts look great.  That is what All in the Cards is great at.
All in the Cards
Here is a wine bottle bag.  Now a normal person could dress this up nicely.  I will use this for something other than wine because I am not a drinker and do not give alcohol for gifts.  But I think we can fix this up with the help of Desiree’s creativity.
All in the Cards
Now this is my kind of wrapping.  You do not need anything else just the bag.  The kids get their gifts out and no mess, it also gives them a place to put everything when they are taking everything to their rooms.  These bag are thick and should be able to carry a lot of weight.  I love the polar bear.  This is one of their largest bags and the name tag is attached, easy, nice!  Perfect after a long, stressful holiday shopping season.  We get a bunch of these to put all the grandkids gifts in.  We buy for all the youngest kids, since most are my husband’s great-grandchildren sometimes it is hard to find the perfect gift, but we try.  Then I sit down and put everyone’s names on bags and start putting the gifts in their bags.  I normally look around and see if things look like someone is favored over another one and we always have something extra I can sneak in the bag.  Between the 2 of us we have 39 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  We stopped buying for adults a few years ago which helps but it can still be hard.  I try to put together things I find on sale, I review, or just something I knew they would love and make a bag for the adults, hubby has nothing to do with this one LOL.  But they enjoy it no matter big or small it is just an extra surprise for the adults.  These bags are perfect for all of it.
All in the Cards
Don’t forget of course they have super cute holiday cards.  Look below at all the retailers that carry their products.
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I received these products to give my honest opinion.

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  1. This looks so nice. I love nice, beautiful ways to wrap my gifts. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

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