Care Me Relaxation From Your Head to Your Feet @caremeus

Care Me Relaxation From Your Head to Your Feet

You have seen a variety of high-quality products from Care Me on this blog.  Now they want to introduce you to their latest product, Premium Aroma Foot Pads.  A new natural way to give your body better health and relaxation.

These plant-based patches are made with all natural ingredients to help you relax and refreshed in no time. Each box contains 20 aroma pads designed to provide you 10 nights of restful, sound sleep and relaxation!

This foot patch is perfect for people who suffer from sore feet because of standing or walking for a long time during the day, e. g. teachers, runners, cashiers; people who have trouble falling asleep at night; people who have smelly feet; brain-workers who have stressful job, e.g. programmers, businessmen.


Foot pads are famous throughout many countries for their healing properties and benefits. Combined with the premium ingredients and aromatherapy, our foot pads are applied to the bottom of feet, where most vital acupuncture points (accupoints) are located.

For best results, place the patches on the soles a little early before sleep. The pads warm themselves to improve blood circulation and metabolism and help the corresponding internal system replenish vital essence while you sleep. Remove the pads the next morning and rinse your feet. They will turn into black or brown oily gunk (the color varies for different users). You will feel increased energy, refreshed and revived in the morning. Continuously using the patches will improve your well-being and health.

NOT all the Foot Pads are equally created. Our patches are formulated with Bamboo Vinegar, Turmeric Powder, Tourmaline, Vitamin C infused with aromas Rose pads remove foot odor and make you feel refreshed & relaxed; Lavender pad relieves foot fatigue and muscle soreness, may assist you to have a more sound/quality sleep by relaxing body and mind; green tea is well-known for its health benefits.

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  1. I really like that this product has plant-based patches are made with all natural ingredients. I would be willing to try this to improve my health.

  2. I am going to try this. I quit smoking and really feel it is not out of my system. I think this would help. thank you for the review. Seems like a great product. Will let know. 😉 Merry Christmas

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