Casachino Bath Bombs Gift Set Great For Relaxing! @Plusplusdeal

Casachino Bath Bombs Gift Set Great For Relaxing!

Once in awhile you just want to lock everyone out and soak in the bath!  Now with these Casachino Bath Bombs Gift Sets are amazingly relaxing!  They smell wonderful and feel great on my skin.  Each bath Bomb is infused with ESSENTIAL OILS to help you relax and de-stress. They are comprised of a proprietary blend of fragrance oils that include a essential oils such as rose, lavender, agilawood, jasmine, orange, and lemon. With these bath bombs you can experience a true aromatic experience with the benefits of aromatherapy.

bath boms lemon

These bath bombs are sure to make that special day FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE even more beautiful. Each Bath Bomb is individually Wrapped. They make perfect gifts for many occassions.

bath boms

Enjoyment & Relaxament:Bath bomb contains a variety of trace elements to soften the horny and soothing nerves. The unique mineral salt formulations can thoroughly clean the skin, make skin more healthy, relax your body and mind, moisturize your dry skin and ease muscle discomfort after a whole day’ hard work.

bath boms for women

What you really want this year is a bit of TLC. That could mean a spa gift certificate, some new luxurious skin care products, or the fixings for a cozy bath like these bath bombs and a candle to set the mood. If you really want to impress, a monogrammed bathrobe is the perfect add on to this gift.

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Casachino Bath Bombs Gift Set is the perfect gift for valentine’s day, thanksgiving day, Christmas, Father’s day and Mother’s day, birthdays, party and wedding. Ideal for all ages: kids, adults, women, men , girlfriends, lover.


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