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We Celebrated Having Dinner For #LightTheWorld – Feed The Hungry


We Celebrated Having Dinner For #LightTheWorld – Feed The Hungry

Yes we celebrated #LightTheWorld – Feed The Hungry by having dinner but not just a normal dinner.  We were able to put on a dinner for all the residents of the senior apartments complex that my husband works part-time at.  The apartments go by income, most of the people have a very limited amount of money and receive meals on wheels.  We wanted to celebrate with them because each one has lived a long and successful life and they continue to live on their own in their eighties.  Plus we wanted to have a special dinner that they would not normally receive.

Just for some background my husband tries to make them soup or something at least a couple of times per week.  He takes our leftovers or puts together a soup from something we bought extra for them.  He get compliments every time he cooks and he feels better because he knows they are eating something healthy that day.  Some of the people have trouble walking, some in wheelchairs, others, like widows, especially men, do not want to cook for 1 person and end up not eating, if they do not receive meals on wheels.

LightTheWorld LightTheWorld

Desiree took care of decorating the tables after we ran to the store to get what we needed.  They looked really nice and Desiree really enjoyed doing it.  She fills the buckets with mints and then put the candy canes inside.  We bought placements for the middle of the table to keep costs down, instead of each place.  The tablecloths were already on the tables so we took advantage of that.  We were trying to make this really special and something they do not normally get.

We went to our favorite meat store and picked up some steak and had them cube it.  We also went to Gordon’s to get some excellent gravy that went perfect with the meat.  My husband has learned some shortcuts and the powdered version works best for him.  Of course we had to get the pies and cookies while we were here, plus a few other things we needed for the dinner.

LightTheWorld LightTheWorld

It was so nice to have everyone arrive early and visit with us.  Most of them wore their best clothing and I did wear dress slacks and a nice shirt.  The whole room was full of the holiday spirit.  Sherry the lady in the 2nd picture in red on the end, she is in a wheelchair and again has limited income.  She collected some gifts for a young lady they adopted through another agency, during the last month, and were going to wrap what they had the following week.  I was able to talk to her about her project and I had my husband take some games and new clothing in for the adopted girl on the next day.  She was so thrilled it really helped her because they did not collect very much this year.


The #LightTheWorld campaign made it easy for me to be involved in things that are fun and feels so rewarding.  It is so important to remember how blessed we are, especially this time of the year, and to do what we can to help anyone all year.  The Feed The Hungry campaign worked out so well for these people and they all had a wonderful time.  I was happy to share this experience with Desiree.  Krystal stopped by before work just to visit the people she knows, so we made it into a family affair with little effort.  Isn’t this a wonderful campaign!


Desiree did not take any pictures of the food we had but we made Salisbury steak, salads, baked beans, mashed potatoes, dinners rolls for the main dinner.  Then we had apple, peach, and cherry pie, cookies, and cake.  We were expecting more to come but some were sick and unable to come, we still had about 35 people.  My husband delivered meals to some of the residents that can not leave their apartments easily or were not feeling good.  He also knows who has a hard time getting up and picking out their food, so he made about 5 or 6 plates for some of those in the room.  You can really tell how much my husband cares for these people.  He is 75 and the people that live here forgot this sometimes.

The tables were full and so was their stomachs when we were all done.  They were able to have a really nice lunch the nest day, my husband made them stew out of the leftovers.  They all seem very happy.  I was able to make an announcement about the #LightTheWorld – Feed The Hungry campaign and also handed them paperwork so they could learn more.  What about you what could you do for the #LightTheWorld campaign?

If you would like to join me and millions of other in the #LightTheWorld campaign you can get more information below.



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  1. This is such a great idea. Jesus is the reason for the season. We need to bless others just ast God Blesses us. Thank you so much for sharing

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