Choose Your Pack Wisely in The Game Of Wolf

Game Of Wolf

Choose Your Pack Wisely in The Game Of Wolf

The Game of Wolf is a team game that can be played over and over again.  This is a great game for parties and family get-togethers.  Finalist for the 2019 Mensa Mind Games Award for games that are original, challenging and well designed.

As the Wolf, pick your Pack members based on their knowledge of the subject or go Lone Wolf for a chance at double the points! The Pack or Lone Wolf that answers the most correct of the five questions wins the points for that round! Will you go it alone, Wolf? Or will you choose strength in numbers? These are the critical choices you’ll make to be top dog in The Game of Wolf!

Which is stronger? The Lone Wolf or the Pack? Find out in this fun STRATEGIC TRIVIA GAME where even best friends quickly becomes foe!  A unique popular game that is equal parts COLLABORATIVE AND COMPETITIVE. Pick your Pack based on the player’s knowledge of the subject or go Lone Wolf for a chance at double the points!

Gameplay is only 30-45 mins making it PERFECT FOR ANY PARTY, REUNION OR TRAVEL. This top rated, best selling edition will surely be the hit of the party.

Gray Matters Games

Lauren, Joe, and their dynamic Vizsla duo, have set out to Brighten Your Play!

Gray Matters Games designs and publishes lively and cognitively challenging experiences for people with active minds. Through its games, Gray Matters promotes community, encourages fun and gives back to Alzheimer’s research.

Joe and Lauren believe that business should be a force for good. Over the years, they have witnessed family members bravely fight for quality of life when diagnosed with memory-based diseases. Because of this, Gray Matters Games donates a meaningful portion of its profits to Alzheimer’s research.

On a family road trip from Tombstone to Sedona, the best of Joe’s creativity came to life, and he thoroughly entertained a car full of passengers with his new trivia-based “game.” After testing it with friends and family, as well as adding a few fun twists, the initial concept for the Company’s first game You Bet-Cha! was born!

Joe and Lauren spent many nights brainstorming the company’s name and finally came up with Gray Matters Games. It connects the games they create with the company’s devotion to supporting brain health. In short, they believe that exercising the gray matter in your head…matters!





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