Choosing glasses to match your lifestyle

Choosing glasses to match your lifestyle

Choosing glasses to match your lifestyle

Whether you’re an existing glasses wearer simply looking to update your image, or whether you’re new to the world of carrying your glasses with you everywhere that you go, you’re probably wondering one thing. How do people choose their glasses? This is, in fact, a multi-faceted and nuanced area of fashion, with answers depending on multiple factors such as lifestyle, face shape, profession, and ultimately, a personal sense of style. Today, we’re going to look at how to make a decision on which glasses to purchase based on two things – what you get up to and how often you do it. We’re talking lifestyle and career. 

Active lifestyles

When you think about glasses, you might imagine a thick-rimmed pair balancing on the nose of a graphic designer in a turtleneck called Sven, sitting in a minimalist glass and brick office with a company name like ScandiWeb. Or, conversely, you might consider your aunt Carol, who wears oversized tortoiseshell frames that have never suited her but no one has the guts to mention it. When those are your two frames of reference, you might feel lost when thinking about what would suit you. Never fear. The biggest thing to consider with frame thickness (once you’ve researched face shape until your eyes bleed), is whether you have an active lifestyle or not. Commute via train and spend your free time playing racquet sports? Maybe a spot of jogging on the weekends? City breaks two and three times per year? You need thinner lightweight frames (see EyeBuyDirect for options). Clunky frames won’t suit such an impactful lifestyle, and will soon start to feel in the way. 

Business spec’s

Working nine to five. What a way to make you give in (when deciding which specs to buy, that is). The office lifestyle is a busy lifestyle mentally, but it’s not too heavy on movement. There’s a lot of sitting at your desk, sitting in meetings, and sitting in the lunchroom. Just like our aforementioned friend Sven the graphic designer, you may want to consider thicker frames that show off your personality a little more. Again, you’ll need to research your face shape and make an informed decision over the shape of the glasses you choose to wear around the office, but as for thickness and colour? There’s nothing holding you back from wide arms, boxy rims, and maybe even a splash of red or blue or green. You have the opportunity to make a fashion statement that busy lifestyle people might not otherwise enjoy.  


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