CHUM Fruit Bites

CHUM Fruit Bites

CHUM Fruit Bites

CHUM Fruit Bites are a 100% fruit snack. They have no added sugar, high in fiber, gluten free, and vegan.  These are good for everyone and everyone will love them, even the adults.  Give your kids a healthier snack with CHUM Fruit Bites.  I received peach, strawberry, berry, apple, and mango.

The peach flavor has apples, pears, and peaches listed as the ingredients, nothing else. The mango has apples, pears, and mangoes.  Strawberry has apples, pears, and strawberry. The berry has apple, pears, and blackberry. Apple has just apples and pears. These are full of fruit flavor.


The animals featured on the packs are endangered. That’s why they donate 15% of our their profits to Wildaid.org. Their mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetime, and they want to help. They are inspired by nature. They believe only the simplest, purest ingredients are good enough for you. 100% WILD. NO FAKE STUFF.

Each sachet contains the equivalent fruit of 2 small apples and contains all the natural goodness, fibers, plant proteins and vitamins from fruit. Only the water content is slowly removed resulting in a unique healthy snack that gives back to protect the environment.

No artificial ingredients, no added sugars nor preservatives nor colorants. They pick fresh fruits in season and bake them slowly down to retain all the goodness of nature. Then they shape them into your favorite fruit bites. Through this process they are able to retain all the natural vitamins, minerals, plant proteins, and fiber. Having a high fiber content slows down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream ensuring a more gradual release of energy.

Fill kids AND adults stockings with sweet-tasting, soft-biting CHUM Fruit Bites contain no artificial ingredients, nor added sugars, nor colorants. NO FAKE STUFF! They are made with fresh fruits that are picked in-season and used in their rawest form. They then are baked slowly at a low temperature, making sure to retain all the goodness nature has to offer. High in fiber, each CHUM Fruit Bites
package contains the equivalent fruit of two small apples and all the natural goodness, fibers, plant proteins, and vitamins from fruit. And CHUM contains only natural sugars, providing a more prolonged energy supply. CHUM Fruit Bites are low in calories, vegan, gluten-free, NON-GMO, and Kosher. Also keto and paleo-friendly!





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