Yea that’s chocolate crumb cake. How’s that for a wake up treat or in the afternoon, or after dinner dessert? Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company has so many delicious sweets that everyone will love. This crumb cake made my mouth water before I tasted then I just melted when I was able to open and eat some. This is so delicious and not dry like normal crumb cake, I had to eat this with a fork and didn’t want to stop.

Using a family recipe inspired by 1950’s Brooklyn, and perfected on the east end of Long Island, we promise to deliver you the most delicious crumb cakes on the market. Our cakes are moist, the crumbs are piled on, and we only use high quality, all-natural ingredients.

They have a great variety of crumb cakes and crumbkins. From Raspberry to Mint Chocolate crumbkins the crumbkins are a mini version of their delicious cakes.

It’s time to celebrate, the Clarkson Avenue way! Their Birthday Crumb Cakes are the hit of any birthday celebration (and the next morning, if there’s any left)! It’s a Brooklyn style crumb cake that’s tie-dyed for a truly festive look.

Their cakes are moist and delicious, and made with only the finest all-natural ingredients, like fresh butter and real bourbon vanilla. The cakes are topped with a mountain of plump crumbs made from the finest Saigon cinnamon. These amazing crumbs explode with flavor. Their recipe will leave your taste buds wondering which part is better, the cake or the crumbs? Either way, we believe this will be the best crumb cake you’ve ever tasted!

This Blackout crumb cake is an explosion of rich and flavorful chocolate.  Desiree and I loved it! The top layer has the crumbs and the bottom is the moist chocolate almost cake like. The top tastes like fudge on top of a great chocolate cake.

Perfect for a wedding, baby shower, birthday cakes, or any day you want to celebrate, Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes and Crumbkins make any day memorable and delicious.

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake

Stop by and see what flavor you will try.






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  1. Yeah, these crumb cakes sound divine. I am especially intrigued by the variety of flavors they offer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These looks so good. We love our good desserts. I will have to give these a try. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. It sounds like they make incredible cakes! I love how pretty and colorful their Birthday Crumb Cake looks!

  4. How had I not seen these before??? The Blackout chocolate looks amazing, but I’m not extra picky…I’d try the others, too, lol.

  5. I shared this delicious review on Pinterest, Facebook, & Twitter!! People deserve to have these awesome crumb cakes pass their lips, to touch their taste buds, & enter their waiting hungry stomachs! I checked out their website and their crumb cake of the month is BROOKLYN DANNY BOY CRUMB CAKE! Plus they have free shipping on orders $35 and over.
    I had to check their website out! I felt the exact same way you did when I saw the cake and read your luscious description (This Blackout crumb cake is an explosion of rich and flavorful chocolate.). That’s how I like my chocolate!! This would be a great happy treat for being stuck in the house. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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