Classic Stress Factors When You’re Moving Home

Classic Stress Factors When You’re Moving Home

Classic Stress Factors When You’re Moving Home (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Anyone who owns a home knows that there is always going to be something that gives you a headache when you are moving. Whether it is trying to make your old property as enticing as possible or identifying problems in your new place, there will always be another problem to solve. Here are some of the best ways to reduce your stress levels.

Making Your Old Home Sellable

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Ask yourself what concerns you would have about your current property. Avoid making any major changes to the structure or decoration before you start inviting viewings. Conduct a deep clean of the property as soon as you can. Remember that COVID-19 is still a factor and cleanliness is crucial. Consider the parts of your home that they will see first, such as the exterior, and prioritize key rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Finding The Right Home Loan

Start saving as soon as possible and work on your credit score. Factor in the amount that you are likely to make from selling your old property. Give yourself a cushion in case the sale price is lower than expected. Look at a floating rate mortgage if you are confident that your income will increase after you buy your new property. Find a loan provider that has experience and offers great customer service. Read the fine print to avoid any hidden fees. Talk to The Home Loan Expert about what mortgage rates you could be looking at.

Picking The Right Time To Move

Ask yourself if you need to move right now or if you can wait for the property market to settle down. Look at property price trends in the area you are moving to and see if they are likely to change. Remember that home prices are high in both the north and south of the USA but some zip codes are cheaper than others. Give yourself as much time as possible to avoid being forced into a bad decision. Walk away from the deal if you sense that the seller is trying to rush you.

Finding Major Issues In Your New Home

Find an independent surveyor that you can trust to identify any problems in the new property before you sign anything. Talk to a solicitor with relevant experience to protect you in case of any disagreements with the previous owners. View the new property in person and make a list of any issues that you can see. Make it clear to the owners that you will not start the proceedings until these issues have been fixed. 


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