Clean Air With This Air Quality Sensor

Wireless Wi-Fi Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Clean Air With This Air Quality Sensor

You can now know your air is safe for breathing.  This Wireless Wi-Fi Indoor Air Quality Sensor helps you feel better knowing at all times.  Air quality has never been more important and with this Air Quality Sensor you will know for a fact you are breathing the best air around. This unit is so easy to use, plug in and connect to the internet and you are ready to go. Set up everything on your smart device in just a couple of minutes. It gives you easy to follow instructions that include pictures to make it easy to do. Plus it is very small so it will not affect how you have decorated your home.

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This unit is made in the USA so you will know it is top quality. This company has been in business over 20 years so they are a company to rely on! They purchase only high quality parts that are inspected before put your unit together. Each module is individually tested, inspected, and certified.  Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Protect you and your family now from the harmful effects of indoor air pollutants, as well protecting valuables from fluctuations in heat or cold temperatures with this Wireless Wi-Fi Indoor Air Quality Sensor..

Since the launch of the RSS during the summer of 2019, many homes located in various states of the United States from California to Florida and state in between and countries in Europe are being monitored 24/7 for indoor air quality.

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♦ Monitor air quality in your homes, offices, basements, vacation homes, and hotel rooms, etc.
♦ Monitor hot or cold temperatures in vacation homes, cabins, vehicles, RVs, freezers, refrigerators, and storage units, etc.
♦ Receive data 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection.
♦ Receive email or text alerts about indoor CO2 levels, total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.
♦ Simple installation, powered by wall plugin. External battery optional.
♦ Includes visual indicator LED lights – green for safe, yellow for questionable air quality, red for high level of pollutants.
♦ Compact – Only 2.25” Diameter X 0.8” High
♦ No subscription fee.

These air quality sensors are generally 50% smaller than our competitors. We monitor seven common indoor gases which is 20% more gases than most competitors and with an accuracy of 5%.

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This iCAIR air quality sensor is capable of measuring TVOCs, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, and air pressure.  The values ccan be monitored from any internet location using a laptop, personal computer, or smart device.

This not only makes sense for your family but makes a great gift that almost anyone can use!  Show them how much you care by getting them this air quality sensor.

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