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Clean Your Gutters With Gutter Sense

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Gutter Sense

Clean Your Gutters With Gutter Sense

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and you have to climb a ladder so it is a little scary. But it has to be done. Gutter Sense makes that job a lot easier and you can get the job done without climbing a ladder. Gutter Sense hooks up to an extension pole and your garden hose. Then just spray and grab all that yucky stuff and your gutters will be clean.

No one loves gutter cleaning. They get it, which is why they make Gutter Sense. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use rain gutter cleaning tool to clean gutters from the ground for a faster, safer way to do the job.

This low-cost tool makes cleaning gutters from the ground easy, for example:

  • No ladders needed
  • A clean way to get the job done
  • No more painful scratches and cuts
  • Effective on pine needles, leaves, and muck
  • Fits on an ordinary extension pole
  • Lightweight with a 14-inch grasp
  • Cleans under supports
  • Angled tongs for easy access

In many cases, homeowners have gutters with partial or complete clogs during much of the year. This is because it is too much trouble to get up there and clean them more frequently. With Gutter Sense, you can clean out gutters as often as necessary to keep your gutters flowing. This can be many times a season or every other year. It depends on how many and what type of trees you have and how close they are to your house.

This works easily with a little pull on it. This is made well and should last a long time.

They make Gutter Sense of a tough glass-filled nylon, but it is still plastic and can break if one does not handle the tool properly. The tool is extremely lightweight to make it easy to handle on a long pole. Parts are no more massive than necessary to do the job. Read the Care/Cautions section to avoid mishandling this tool in a way that could cause breakage. Don’t try and force a large mass of debris out of the gutter when it is between the shingle overhang and the gutter edge. Rather than use force, close the tongs a bit first before entering the gutter and taking a smaller bite. This is for the motions of grasping and lifting out debris only.

This is basically designed primarily for flat bottomed K gutters (see above for round gutters). The cleaning tool works in most gutters and for most debris. However, there may be some special situation where it might not perform. That’s why we provide a 30 day return policy.

The higher your gutter, the longer a pole you will need to reach it. The longer the pole, the more weight you are supporting. The longer the pole the harder it will be to control. Nonetheless many women report using it at two stories. For one-story gutters even a child should be able to handle it. It only takes a few pounds of force to pull the cord.

Gutter Sense




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  1. What a handy little tool to have to clean the gutters! I have always thought it was a pretty dangerous job considering you have to get high up on a ladder and move it constantly so you can get all around the house. This tool would make it not only easier, but much safer as well!

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