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Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

We each have a different taste to our water.  Most of us get use to and do not think about it much.  What happens when kids go off to college and their water taste terrible?  Not much you can do right, wrong!  Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is exactly what they need.  With this filter they will never need to taste that horrible or maybe just different, water taste again.  The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher brings a whole new definition to filtered water!


The pitcher is really easy to use, after water is filtered you can make ice so your ice cubes are filtered also.  No sense in drinking filtered water without the ice being filtered.  Then you will be ready for the best tasting ice water you have ever tasted!  Ok, well you don’t need ice because it will still be the best tasting water ever!

We have a filter in our refrigerator and the water is good, but quite honestly after drinking from this Clearly Filtered Pitcher I won’t go back to the water from the refrigerator again.  Neither will you, I just know you will love this water.  Plus just think of all the garbage we are putting into our bodies, no longer!

In June, 2017 Time magazine posted an article that states:

Drinking water for 15 million Americans in 27 states is contaminated with a toxic chemical that was used to make nonstick cookware, according to a new report released Thursday.  These chemicals, known as PFCs (perfluorochemicals), have been linked to cancer, thyroid disease and weakened immune systems. Even small concentrations in drinking water is considered a threat to public health, according to the report by the nonprofit Environmental Working Group and Northeastern University.

Let that sink in.  Was that you or me?  Or your family?  Could this happen again?  Well let’s ask Flint since I am from Michigan, everyone knows what they would say!  I am not trying to scare you I am saying it is happening all over, why take a chance?  This is a small price to pay to filter out all the below chemicals.

Wow now that is impressive!

Designed to remove up to 99.99% of all contaminants, the Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher is the most advanced tap water filter in the world. All filters are replaceable and tested to the highest industry standards. All of our American-built filters are tested and certified to exceed NSF/ANSI Standards. With each filter capable of purifying 100 gallons (380 liters) of water, the Clearly Filtered Pitcher is also a great economical choice at less than $.50 per gallon of filtered water.

Clearly Filtered is the only pitcher filter that removes over 220 chemicals and contaminants. Your health is invaluable. When you drink water filtered by Clearly Filtered, you can drink with peace-of-mind knowing that your filter is removing the harmful chemicals and contaminants while maintaining the beneficial minerals and nutrients.

Clearly Filtered started in 2011 with the belief that water shouldn’t contain harmful chemicals, toxic heavy metals or any other form of contamination. This philosophy has led to the development of one of the most advanced filtration technologies in the world. They are on a mission to provide people with the tools to take control of their water and live healthier lives. It’s a lot easier to remove contaminants from the water you drink than to remove disease once it has entered the body. That is why they are so passionate about filtration and clean water because they know how important it is for our health and wellbeing.

Keep this in the refrigerator for filtered water whenever you are ready!  I plan on my husband using it for coffee in the morning!

When the unit arrived I soaked the filtered, as recommended, for about 15 minutes.  Then I was ready for great drinking water.  The water filtered through fast so I had my water in about 20 minutes from soaking to drinking.  After this is will take a couple of minutes. This really is great tasting and I feel better about what my family will be putting into their bodies.

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  1. Having a good filter pitcher is a must with well water. It is so much more convenient that buying bottled water.

  2. i love the idea u had about the college kids taking this with them so they have good tasting water it would also probably work for stays at hotels and motels to me that is important. also love the idea of using it to filter the water and make your ice.

  3. This looks like a pretty ice water pitcher. We’re about to need a new one so the info is very helpful. Thanks!

  4. Bottled water is a household staple for us. I could save so much money with this pitcher.My 11 year old drink bottled water like it’s the best drink on the planet, so I definitely have to keep plenty around.It’s really frustrating to me that in some places drinking the water can be a death sentence.

  5. Having a well, I feel safe when I filter my water. This pitcher looks very good to me and would make me confident in the safety of my water.

  6. I’ve been wanting to get this filtered water pitcher. It’s amazing that it filters so many contaminants!

  7. This looks like an excellent filtered water pitcher. I’m very impressed with how many contaminants it filters. This would help me to stay healthy!

  8. Filtered water is a great way to go and this pitcher looks very effective without taking up much space.

  9. This is such an awesome water pitcher! I love that it filters so many contaminants. It’s also reassuring to know that their filters are certified to exceed NSF/ANSI Standards.

  10. With the way our city’s water is we definitely need a filter for sure. My husband and I are senior citizens and disabled. We don’t need any problems such as drinking water with junk in it. We do what we can to stay healthy and this one is high on my list.

  11. the thing i hate about these things is you have to replace the filters…its the first thing i think about

  12. I would love to taste the water I bet it doesn’t taste like other filtered water. I love the pitcher looks pretty big and the filter loo pretty small

  13. It does really concern me about contaminants in our tap water and this sounds like the perfect solution

  14. Sounds like an innovative product. We refill gallon jugs at a machine that filters water but that cost is going up too.

  15. I drink almost nothing but water now so this is the thing for me. (Your photo makes me think it would be even cooler if they could make the pitcher look like a pineapple.)

  16. I live in Florida where the tap water is not drinkable. This is a great solution for my family. I would feel confident that I would be giving my family clean water.

  17. I have this water filter, and it is amazing! I live in Florida, where the tap water is not very drinkable. I won’t drink water unless it is from this pitcher. The water is filtered clearly and is pure. The water tastes amazing. There is a huge difference. Also, I feel confident that I am giving my children healthy water.

  18. This seems like a neat product. Being able to do this with tap water would reduce a lot of plastic usage, too, since fewer people would need bottled water.

  19. I love this showing all the contaminants it removes. Chlorine and fluoride are both huge for me since I’m allergic to both. It can’t be too clear for me. This sounds perfectly clear to be what I need.

  20. I definitely refuse to drink tap water so I love having the ability to filter it! This sounds like a great pitcher to keep in the fridge so you always have cold water. Thanks for sharing!

  21. We used to use Brita water filters and pitchers. We stopped because the filters were so expensive. If this brand is cheaper, that would be a plus for me.

  22. It is so important to be healthy and drink lots of water. It is also vital to have that water be safe and free of toxins. This product is a necessity!

  23. The chart comparing the different filtration systems is a real eye opener. I had no idea the number of things in the water I was drinking.

  24. I have been hearing so many bad things about our drinking water lately. It really concerns me. This sounds like a great idea for the family. Thank you so much for sharing this. I could really use one of these

  25. Our water in Batavia is really nasty & I buy water bottles all the time & we have a filtered pitcher and a filter on our faucet. This filter sounds and looks awesome. It’s totally time to upgrade our water. I don’t like pouring a glass of water and see stuff floating around. GROSS! i SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WANT THIS FILTER FOR SURE!

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