Clever Yoga Sport Socks @gocleveryoga

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Clever Yoga Sport Socks

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

These Clever Yoga Sport Socks are soft and comfortable while making you feel more secure for doing some of the yoga moves.  The weight of the sock is just right, not too thick and not too thin, and they do the job of keeping my feet from sliding. The style of these socks is more versatile than other grip socks I have purchased in the past because I can use them for yoga and barre.

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

These socks are high quality that will last a long time.  Kiss those sweaty, smelly socks goodbye with moisture wicking, high quality material. Hygienic alternative to bare feet.

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

The cute little dots on the bottom grab the floor just right and neither slip nor stop too quickly. They also hug my feet nicely – not too tight or too large.  Made of 90% combed cotton and 10% spandex for a soft support with the perfect amount of elasticity.

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

I like wearing socks during yoga to help prevent slipping. I also need a sock that fits comfortably in my winter boots as I drive to class and walk in the snow. I LOVE these socks. They fit snugly without being binding. They are perfect in my boots and don’t bunch up or fall off my heel. I’ve washed my socks several times and they hold up well.

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

Superior grip, non skid surface gives you stability, traction and balance to practice and perform exercise and sports safely and at an optimum level.

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

Breathable black cotton/spandex with heel to toe blue silicone dots are grippy without being bumpy or rigid. Low profile design fits at the ankle with cushioned achilles tendon tab.

Clever Yoga Sport Socks

You are protected by their special “Namaste” warranty. If you are not totally satisfied, they will replace your socks or issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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  1. These are cute socks. I really prefer grip socks when I am doing yoga. It certainly makes holding poses a lot easier!

  2. I LOVE these socks, and I wish I had bought these instead of the ones I have now. I ALMOST bought this exact pair, but I picked a different brand, and it’s only been 3 months, and they ALREADY have holes on the heels! Seriously? WTH! I love the look of these and the beads on the bottom are perfect for doing yoga and pilates. Those are the two main workouts I do, and I am extremely passionate about them! I also believe in rewarding myself for my hard work, but not with chocolate cake, but with new athleisure items such as these. Whenever I hit a big goal, like a certain amount of pounds lost, or adding another workout to my schedule, I like to treat myself to new work out gear. Socks are my favorite thing in the world! I used to go to an all Catholic school where we wore uniforms for 12 years. The only way we could express our individuality was through our socks and footwear. I still have a fetish for socks to this day! And these are at the top of my list! Namaste and have a great day!

  3. These are great with the non skid bottoms. I love the blue on them. Thank you so much for sharing these. I would love a pair

  4. I cant tell you how much it drives me crazy when my feet slide once I get all sweaty. What a PERFECT solution. And I love the designs.

  5. (Clever Yoga Sport Socks @gocleveryoga) Now these sound like some great socks to wear for doing my yoga the rest of this year. I like the so slip soles a lot too-

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