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Clifford The Big Red Dog Is Coming Soon!

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Clifford the big red dog

Clifford The Big Red Dog Is Coming Soon!

Clifford The Big Red Dog is coming to theaters and Paramount+ on November 10th.

This is a must see for the family.  The little girl, Emily Elizabeth is having a hard time fitting into her new school.  Her Mother has to leave for a couple of days and leaves her not so dependable brother in charge of the little girl. When they are walking to school the very first day they happen upon a animal rescue and meet an adorable little red dog.

When Emily Elizabeth meets Clifford for the first time she falls in love immediately. Her love makes Clifford grow a whole lot bigger, but they can’t find the animal rescue to return him to.

During this movie they have a lot of funny moments that all ages can enjoy. There is so much fun with this movie, kids and adults will love it, as I did.

This also gives teaching moments that will help kids that might be having a hard time at school.  It also shows how close the Mom and daughter are and how important family is.

They go on an adventure throughout the movie, at times heartbreaking and others outlandish, just to save the big red dog. This kept my interest and was a great way to spend time with the family.

Get to the movies, grab the popcorn, and get ready for a great time with Clifford The Big Red Dog.

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG has been rated PG for impolite humor, thematic elements and mild action.

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