Colorwear Shirts Are Fun To Design and Wear! @colorwear

Colorwear Shirts

Colorwear Shirts Are Fun To Design and Wear!

This company has a longstanding mantra that a shirt can be a canvas and art can be a brand. No matter how heartfelt or outrageous or epic your story may be, the Colorwear designs let you share your joy and project your personality in an undeniably creative way.

Featuring over 150 captivating designs by wildly popular coloring book artists such as Valentina Harper, Angelea Van Dam (aka Hello Angel) and more, Colorwear will energize your imagination and inspire your own, personal style.

With Colorwear, you become the artist. Simply choose your design and discover the awesome new way to wear art.

Colorwear Shirts

Colorwear t-shirts are printed by The Mountain®, a company that’s been focused exclusively on printing high quality ArtWear™ for more than 30 years. Since their earliest days, we’ve strived to offer value to our customers by running our company in a way that:

  • Protects the environment
  • Provides a strong and supportive work environment
  • Supports our artist partners
  • Generates awareness for deserving causes

Colorwear Shirts

You can make your shirt, just color it anyway you want to.

Colorwear Shirts Colorwear Shirts




The cardboard help so the ink will not soak through the fabric.  Each shirt comes with 6 colored markers made for coloring on fabric.

Colorwear Shirts Colorwear Shirts

Madison took the pictures and has me pose several ways.  I love the color of this shirt and it will be beautiful once colored.  The shirts are long and do not shrink.  This is their Follow Your Heart t-shirt.  These shirts are really well made and will last a very long time.  The shirts are dyed using organic dyes with designs printed with soft, non-toxic water-based inks.

Colorwear Shirts Colorwear Shirts

You can get children’s or adult sizes.  The one I have on is the Animals 6.

Colorwear Shirts Colorwear Shirts

Madison was having so much fun!

Colorwear Shirts

Colorwear Shirts

I got the small adult size for the girls.  This is their inspirational quote 3 t-shirt.  It says “A little magic can take you a long way”.

Colorwear Shirts Colorwear Shirts

Desiree is still working but this is turning out beautiful.

Colorwear Shirts

Here are a few more of the wonderful designs they sent.  Desiree is wearing their Frappuccino shirt.  Madison has the Paris t-shirt on.

Colorwear Shirts

Add some fun to getting or giving new shirts!


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  1. I think these t-shirts are a super idea. How unique and creative we can get with working on them. I love the cat and owl design.

  2. So I have a dozen coloring books, dozens of markers, pencils, etc. but could I think of this…oh no!! Good idea!!

  3. I love this idea of a coloring t-shirt! After the kids outgrow the shirt they can make it into a pillow or even sew around the character on the pillow to make it more 3-D. The possibilities are endless!

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