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Colton’s Stories For Kids

colton's time machine

Colton’s Stories For Kids

This cute story Colton’s Time Machine is a fun sorry for kids to learn about Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin. These Colton’s books are written by Rebecca Massey.

As Colton was going to sit down, he looked at the map on the wall. “That’s it! I’m going to visit Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams from our first visit, when we sat in on the making of the ‘Declaration of Independence.'”

He sat down in the chair, picked up the history book, and flipped through the pages until he found ‘Thomas Jefferson. He read his biography then said, “We have a lot in common, he’s an inventor like me.” Then, he turned some more pages until he found John Adams. “Lets see: Adams was a farmer, lawyer and he spent several years in France. I bet he has some freat stories to tell us.”

Then, he turned the page to Benjamin Franklin, who was another inventory and few a kite in an electrical storm. Colton got up and went over to the map on the wall. he traded the green pins for red ones and put green ones on Charlottesville, Virginia, for Thomas Jefferson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for John Adams, and another on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for Benjamin Franklin. Then he left the tree house and went into his house for the night.

Colton's Pocket Dragon Book 1: Dragon Land

Colton yelled “Wow! Fire! That’s fire!”

Kolta ran up beside Colton saying “hop on my back I’ll take you for a ride!”

Ride on your back? What do you mean take me for a ride? He said.

“Yes just get on and you will see!” said Kolta.

Colton hopped on holding him tight around his neck. Away they flew dipping down, soaring up, having a wonderful time, while Colton was yelling “Weee!”

Kolta was flying really close to the people on the ground. “Get away from them!” Colton yelled. “We don’t want to be seen!”

“They won’t see us we are invisible as long as you ride on my back!” replied Kolta.

“Wow!” said Colton as he hollered even louder “I’m FLYING!! I’m FLYING!!” Watching the people on the ground looking towards the sky for they could hear Colton’s voice but could not see him. Colton held his arms straight out laughing as he yelled;

“Weee! This is so much fun flying while being invisible!”

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  1. I like these stories. Kids are curious and ask so many questions! That’s how they learn. Colton received some history lessons and he got to ride on a dragon while invisible! These books open up whole new worlds for children’s imaginations! Great gifts for children!
    I don’t think it’s too soon for a school supply guide. Time flies by real fast! I pinned this pin on a couple of my Pinterest boards! Thank you for sharing!

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