Compact Mirror Power Bank

Compact Mirror Power Bank

Lighted Compact Mirror Power Bank

You never know when you need just a little power to get to buy.  I never have a power bank with me when I need it.  But with this Compact Mirror Power Bank I will have everything I need right in my purse. I will always have emergency power. I really love it!  Easy to use and right at my fingertips whenever I need it.

This is so pretty and compact.  The charger is enough to give you the power for a quick charge.  It has a 2450 mAh capacity which means it is there when you need it without weighing you down.  I do not want to carry something heavy, I have enough in my purse to cover that.  This adds very little weight since it only weighs 4.7 ounces. This is made from plastic to help with the weight. Plus it is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth.

It is a very pretty light pink. This Compact Mirror Power Bank has a mirror on both sides of the inside of the case. One is the 1:1 standard mirror and the other one is 2x magnifying.

It measures 3.6″D x 0.75″H, so it is just big enough for make up fixes and more.  No one wants something huge to carry around just to do something we may or may not do each day, so this really is the perfect size.

Includes charging cable so you don’t have to find one each time you need to use it.  Carry this in your purse or your glove compartment for easy access whenever needed.

It is always nice to have extra power and it is even better to have it right on something you always carry with you.  This Compact Mirror Power Bank is what every woman needs.

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  1. You do such wonderful reviews, and this is no different! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how lightweight and pretty this is! It would be nice to have some extra power for my phone in my handbag. The mirror would be useful too.

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