Cooking With The Cocoa Exchange

Cooking With The Cocoa Exchange

Cooking With The Cocoa Exchange

Cooking With The Cocoa Exchange is a new way to experience cocoa.  You can bake your own sweet desserts or add some extra special flavor to your marinade. Cooking With The Cocoa Exchange is a new indulgent way to have Dove Signature chocolate.

Cooking With The Cocoa Exchange

This is the Dove Signature collection Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix. These ultra-rich brownies are even better than homemade with almost 1/2 lb. of real DOVE Dark Chocolate in the mix. I have not made these yet but I am sure they are just as good as everything else I have tried. You can see Michele made these here. I made these and that is the above picture. They are rich and so creamy.  This is by far the best tasting brownie I have ever had, seriously!

They are a thick brownie and you just won’t believe until you try them! The flavor is awesome and my corners got just crispy enough to be the best! I am in love with these! You can see in the pictures the melted chuncks of Dove signature chocolate throughout these brownies.  So easy to make, less than 5 minutes and they were ready for the oven. You have to wait until they cool off or they will be too gooey to cut up the right way.  It is also recommended to use parchment paper which I did, so no clean up. I plan on getting more of these, especially for all the holiday parties coming up.

With a flavor profile based on their bestselling Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds, one bag makes 60 cookies and features toffee chunks, diced almonds, silky smooth DOVE® Dark Chocolate and flaky sea salt. I think I am going to have a new favorite cookie. After  making the brownies I cannot wait to try these cookies.

POD & BEAN™ is also part of The Cocoa Exchange.  Food is a blank canvas, inviting you to make it your own – to give it some character, some personality, maybe even a little attitude. It dares you to give it some…well, you! The cocoa in POD & BEAN™ products is the X-factor ingredient that gives any dish that extra oomph – that added mmmm! Sweet, bitter, nutty, peppery, creamy, crunchy and always tasty, cocoa’s got it all and goes with just about everything. So, play with your food using our Sauces, Seasoning Blends, Mustards, Glazes, and more. We dare you.

Garden Herb and Seasoning Blend and the Everyday Blend are a new flavors you can use to make your own recipes with a secret ingredient no one will ever guess.  Marinate your chicken or make a new flavor of cheese dips with these great seasonings. They even have a recipe blog that you can find something new to make for dinner. Add new seasonings to your cabinet and start getting creative.

The Cocoa Exchange has a new catalog coming out soon with new great treats and more.

The Cocoa Exchange award-winning, classically trained chefs create innovative flavor combinations using this secret ingredient of cocoa in trend-setting products that can’t be found anywhere else but The Cocoa Exchange™. (All in gorgeous, sustainable and giftable packaging of course!)

Their curated gourmet collections include the silky smoothness of DOVE® SIGNATURE, the authentic adventure of PURE DARK™ and the culinary creativity of POD & BEAN™. Products are offered singly, in value sets and in gift packaging.

Visit The Cocoa Exchange and make for sure Michele Bodenheimer is your chosen representative today!


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