Coollids – To Go Coffee Cups That Are Spill-Proof and Burn-Proof @CoollidCorp


Coollids – To Go Coffee Cups That Are Spill-Proof and Burn-Proof

How many times have you burned your tongue on a too-hot beverage? Or hit a bump while driving to work, spilling coffee on yourself and staining your clothes for the rest of the day?  We have all heard stories about someone scalding themselves with hot coffee.  Coollids take us to the next, safer, level in to-go coffee cups.  We love them in our house.  I know my kids are safer while just drinking hot chocolate on the way to school or just hanging around the house, that’s how much faith I have in these Coollids.

Buy yourself a  post-holiday present! CoolLid is the gift you didn’t know you needed or wanted. The spill-proof and burn-proof design of the patented (in 38 countries) CoolLid cups and lids make hot beverages safer and reduces the risk of accidental burns—at a cost comparative to conventional cups and lids. Plus they are super easy to use.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature of CoolLid is the disposable, to-go lid which contains a “cooling” reservoir that can reduce a drink’s temperature by 10 degrees instantly and up to 20 degrees overall. The reservoir funnels the liquid in a way that prevents hot beverages spilling and from scalding lips, tongues and mouths. This feature can also be disabled, thus, bypassing the cooling function.

CoolLid cups include an insulated double-layer design that keeps drinks warmer three times as long as conventional cups. The exterior double wall provides a more comfortable grip and eliminates the need for cup sleeves or double cups.

To learn more about Coollid or to purchase the 12 or 16 oz cups, visit their website at https://coollid.com/. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram.

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  1. I’ve had more than one spill while driving with coffee. It makes such a mess! I’d love to have a spill-proof cup to use while traveling.

  2. Burned lips and mouths were my big concern with my kids and grandkids while drinking something hot! Years ago, we bought cups with lids from our neighborhood gas stations ⛽️ The kind people used to drink their coffees on the go. These Coollids are amazing!! Patent in 38 countries! This cup makes liquid hot and cool when it needs to be. That’s really impressive!! Pin worthy. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I like these , and I can definitely use some of these . I love that they have the no spill tops .

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