Could You Go Pro With Your Blog? Thinking Outside Of The Box

Could You Go Pro With Your Blog? Thinking Outside Of The Box

Blogging is something that is fast turning into a career and business option for many. You only have to look back a few years to see how far it has come. Years ago, should you have said you were a blogger or had an online blog sharing your life, your experience and your passions people would have looked at you with a bit of a hollow expression not really sure what you were talking about. Nowadays I think people know what are blogs and it seems that everyone has some sort of digital presence going on. But with that means that companies, brands and more opportunities have become available which enables anybody to turn their blog into a business and brand. How amazing is that? So if you have a blog, and you are looking to take that next step then now is the time to do it, and here are some of the ways you can think outside of the box to make it happen.

Could You Go Pro With Your Blog? Thinking Outside Of The Box


Step away from the free blogs


First of all, if you want to take your blog seriously then you need to start thinking about your actually blog domain. Many people start there blogging journey by just focusing on a free blog, but this then includes the platform you use in your domain and also doesn’t allow you to buy idle any domain authority. If you want to go pro, you need to go self hosted and have your own domain. It may seem a little scary at first, but there are so many ways that you can do it simply yourself.


Make sure you have a niche


You need a niche when it comes to your blog. This is when instead of just publishing anything, you publish content that you are proud of. Start to think about your content, the words you use, how you present it and the type of content you actually want to share. Making sure you have a niche is so important, so that you can start to attract readers and also have them come back time and time again. Many people suggest when you first start out is to just blog and keep on doing it, and this is really good advice at first as it helps you develop your style but if you want to take things seriously then now is the time to focus.


Work on your blogging voice


Following on from establishing your niche when it comes to your blog, you also need to work on your blogging voice. This is how you present the words, how you explain things and the general lay out of your blog content. Again continuously blogging at the beginning will help you to start developing your style, but once you are serious about taking things further, now would be the timeout focus on your voice. Quality over quantity will always help you secure consistent readers.


Could you do things behind the scenes to help with your business ideas


Going pro with your blog might mean that you start to take things a little more serious and that could mean that you have a whole business idea in the mix that incorporates your blog. But, with little or no business experience, you may want to make a big commitment by learning all about it. A lot of people study online and in their spare time, and you could do this to by obtaining an msc business management degree yourself. It could give you the knowledge you need to feel confident about creating your own business and brand. You may even pick up some extra knowledge on marketing and digital ventures, which could only help increase your blog reach in the future. It is definitely a commitment to make, but f you do want to create a business from this then it might be the most worthwhile one you can make.

Could You Go Pro With Your Blog? Thinking Outside Of The Box

Improve your photography


A blog has much to do with the imagery side of things, and so you may want to take the time to start focusing on your photography skills and editing. You may simply use your camera phone right now, and snap and upload in a few minutes. But if you do want to make your blog visually appealing then you may want to take the time to really focus on making some changes to your style, the settings you use and even the editing side of things. Perhaps even taking some time to learn how to use your camera properly off the automatic setting, so you can start to create some amazing pictures.


Use social media to your advantage


Social media happens to be one of the best ways to promote a blog these days, but are you taking advantage of that? Sure you may share a snap or status when you have a new blog posts, but why not give your following and readers more of an insight into your life. It is simple. You could start using other features of the social media platforms like facebook lives and instagram stories. Giving insight and behind the scenes footage. Maybe sharing pictures and statuses just because you have something to say, rather than waiting to have a blog post to promote.


Create a blogger network


You may want to take the time to start thinking about creating your own little blogger network and tribe. It can be hard to be seen these days with so many people now having blogs or choosing to share their thoughts and experiences. If you have a blogger network, you can support one another. Helping to share content as well as encouraging engagement. You help them and they help you. It is a great way to from a community and also have some extra support and gain advice when needed.


Have your own hashtag


Another fantastic way to help your content be seen, especially on social media is to use a hashtag and to create your own. Not only does it help you share your content but you can also use it to encourage others to share content with it. This way you build up an online community full of tips or advice or generally sharing and supporting. Some people also use the community and hashtag and create different prompts and challenges, and this can again be a great way to help share your content and engage with others.


Try your hand at vlogging


Maybe you want to take your blog to the next level, and one great way to do that would be to try vlogging as well as blogging. Pick up your camera and start talking. Sharing on YouTube and creating community on there. It can be an extension of your blog and another great way to share a different kind of content from. Many people have become successful off the back of vlogging, and it can either be sharing your life or sitting down and just talking. Whatever you feel comfortable with. There are plenty of articles online helping you to get started with your own YouTube channel.


Approach brands and pitch


Finally, if you are ready to start advertising on your blog and creating ad content then instead of waiting of opportunities why not go directly to brands. Pitch your ideas for advertising, open up the lines of communication and just go for it. You never know where it may lead.


I hope that these tips help you to go professional with your blog and take those next steps to building a successful blog brand and business.

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