Crave Caramel Coffee Is Great

Crave Caramel

Crave Caramel Coffee Is Great

If you like caramel like I do you will love Crave Caramel Coffee.  This is best with creme and a little sweetener.  It brings out the caramel flavor and it absolutely delicious. This makes a great low calorie sweet anytime of the day. Adding caramel to anything is good but to coffee makes it great!

Crave Caramel

Enjoy guilt free decadent flavored coffees- No sweeteners & No calories. 100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee is paired with your favorite flavors for the tantalizing coffee experience you Crave! That is what is best about this coffee sweets without the guilt.

Crave Caramel

Crave coffee is really good but to add in the caramel it makes it really good.  I love sweets I can enjoy without the calories, it’s the only way to go!  No more sweets messing with your diet, just cure that sweet tooth with Crave coffee.  They offer several flavors for you to enjoy. There is no bitterness to this coffee and a very nice smoothness. This is a mild to medium blend of coffee. When this is brewing it fill my house with a great smell of caramel and coffee.

On top of being delicious you will save money over other brands and still get a great tasting coffee. I also have not had any problem with this running through our keurig. I am not an expert on coffee but I know something I like and this Crave coffee is delicious.


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  1. I have been a coffee lover for as far back as I can remember. It would be awesome to have caramel flavored coffee for my first cup in the morning. This truly sounds delicions

  2. I’ve been a coffee lover for 3 decades lol. Caramel happens to be my favorite flavor. I’d love to win this!

  3. This sounds so delicious! It would be really nice to wake up and have a cup of caramel coffee in the morning!

  4. I am always ordering caramel macchiato’s while on the go.. and have tried numorous caramel flavored coffees in my keurig . This brand sounds amazing! I would love to try it as I am looking for a favorite low sugar to have on hand to satisfy our sweet cravings when we need it!

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