Crave Coffee Flavored Coffee Variety Pack

Crave Flavored Coffee Variety Pack

Crave Coffee Flavored Coffee Variety Pack

Crave Coffee Flavored Coffee Variety Pack has a full variety of flavors for everyone to find their favorites.  The flavors include cinnamon, caramel, butter toffee, blueberry vanilla, Vermont maple, southern pecan, hazelnut, and finally french vanilla. Not only unique but great tasting with wonderful aroma that will fill your home.

The Crave Coffee Flavored Coffee Variety Pack is made with top quality Arabic coffee beans.  They are ground and the taste of great flavor is added to the batch.  This way you get the smoothest, tastiest cup of coffee around.  Each batch of Crave Coffee is put through a 5 point quality assurance inspection, so you can be sure you’ll be getting a great cup of coffee each and every time!

Crave Coffee loves their coffee and know you will too.  This coffee is not a normal coffee but has exceptional flavor that we know you will enjoy as much as we do. Get some friends together over coffee and let them enjoy these unique Crave Single Serve Coffee flavors too.

The flavors are wondering and taste perfect!  I love the smoothness of this coffee and Desiree’s favorite is French Vanilla.  I like the Caramel because I like to add cream and sugar that adds the great tastes I love all in one, to create a splendid cup of coffee.

All the flavors are unique and we love them all but we had to choose 1 favorite.  I like that you get such a variety because you never know what you are craving at any certain time.  With this Crave Coffee Flavored Coffee Variety Pack you can try a new flavor throughout the day, then find your favorite and buy just that flavor in a 40 count box.  You never know you may find you like flavors you never thought you would.  These coffee really are fantastic.

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  1. There are so many delicious flavors, but I love toffee candy and ice cream, therefore I definitely want to try the Butter Toffee flavored coffee.

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