Crave Coffee – French Vanilla

Crave Coffee - French Vanilla

Crave Coffee – French Vanilla

One of Desiree’s favorite coffees is french vanilla and this French Vanilla she loves, loves, loves!  I like this french vanilla more than most, I add some sweet and low and low fat milk and it is delicious and low in calories so this is a great treat!

Crave Coffee – French Vanilla goes with anything and anytime breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  This is such a smooth coffee without any bitterness to it.  Plus they are very reasonable priced.

Crave Coffee uses the best quality bean, roast for just the right amount of time, then adds the delicious flavors they have!  These really are full of flavor!  Each batch of Crave Coffee is put through a 5 point quality assurance inspection, so you can be sure you’ll be getting a great cup of coffee each and every time!

Crave Flavored Coffee Variety Pack

They also have a variety pack that gives you a chance to try all the flavors of this type of flavored coffee.  Crave Single Serve Cups are compatible with all Keurig Brewers, including 2.0.

The creamy vanilla taste in this coffee is awesome and I recommend this is anyone.  This flavor cannot be any better than what Crave Coffee does with it.  As you can see the grounds are full in each and every k-cup to give you the full-bodied taste you deserve!


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  1. not really a fan of vanilla flavored coffee…just not every day,but then again?…ive never tried this before thanks

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