Crave Flavored Caramel Coffee

Crave Flavored Caramel Coffee

Crave Flavored Caramel Coffee

You have to drink Crave Caramel Coffee during the holidays, it just makes sense.  The smell fills the house and tastes as good as as it sounds.

Crave Caramel Coffee is one of Desiree’s favorite.  She drinks this on the way to school in the morning, yeah, she is spoiled and we take her to school.  I love this coffee too, try it with a chocolate cookie it is awesome!

We tried the variety pack, as everyone should, and I liked this one the best.  Desiree is addicted to this Crave Flavored French Vanilla Coffee. Now she has a new favorite.

Why pay extra for special flavored cream when you can have it right in your coffee.  Add a little sugar, to sweeten it up, and a little milk or regular cream and you will have the perfect cup of coffee exactly the way you want it!  Plus the flavored creamer adds a lot of not needed calories.  Enjoy guilt free decadent flavored coffees, No sweeteners & No calories. 100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee is paired with your favorite flavors for the tantalizing coffee experience you Crave!

The Crave Flavored Caramel Coffee is very smooth without any bitter aftertaste.  The french vanilla makes you think you had your own French Cafe in your kitchen!

Crave Coffee is Kosher certified and compatible with Keurig K-Cup Brewers, including 2.0.

You really need to try the variety of flavors with the Crave Flavored Coffee Variety Pack, maybe you will find a new favorite.

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