Crave French Vanilla Coffee For An Evening Treat

Crave French Vanilla

Crave French Vanilla Coffee For An Evening Treat

Crave French Vanilla coffee is perfect and no calories, yeah! The beans are roasted with the french vanilla flavor. This makes the flavor extra special. Crave starts with only top quality Arabica beans.  So you know this coffee is good! I love having a cup after dinner for the great taste as my desert.

French Vanilla coffee has is own uniquely creamy vanilla flavor.  I love how smooth this coffee is.  I add a little cream and sweetener and get my desert without a lot of calories. I can still taste the wonderful, non-bitter coffee but with a sweet taste of the great vanilla, by adding sugar and cream you will bring the vanilla flavor out even more. This coffee tastes like regular coffee with a slight hint of vanilla, not overpowering, without the cream and sweetener.

I love to gift coffee during the year.  Makes a great house-warming gift, or a gift for anytime really. Crave French Vanilla is a favorite of a lot of people. Vanilla is used in a lot of products but this rich and creamy variety called French vanilla is extra special, extra tasty.  That is what is added to this coffee to make it extra special.

This is Desiree’s favorite flavor.  She takes it to school each morning.  If I don’t watch I won’t get any, if it were up to her. This coffee saves me money compared to other brands so I can afford to get her own pack. I love the smell of this brewing and filling my house with a great scent of good coffee, I almost wish they had a candle so I could smell it all day.

They are easy to use, give me a good cup of flavorful coffee in about a minute, and are the perfect way to wake up.



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  1. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I like to cook with it, especially in sweets. This flavored coffee would be really good for that.

  2. I’m not a french vanilla fan (the hubs is though), but I would totally get these just for the design! Super cute!

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