Crave Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Pack

Crave Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Pack

Are you ready for cooler weather. Crave is with their Crave Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Pack. You will be too. You don’t have to be a kid to love a nice warm cup of hot cocoa! I love Crave Hot Chocolate and with this variety pack the whole house can find a favorite flavor they love.

I buy the extra creamy whipped cream for our hot chocolate it makes these Crave Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Pack taste even better.  Not that all these great flavors don’t already taste awesome. This variety pack includes flavors; mint Chocolate, Mexican chocolate, white chocolate, Dark Chocolate, milk chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Crave Hot Chocolate Pods Variety Pack

The kids love to add marshmallows to any flavored hot chocolate. When Betty is here we break out the sprinkles and let her decide what she wants that day, it is never the same. Sometimes we add some extra caramel syrup to any of the flavors and it add an extra sweetness that is unique while still being delicious.  Desiree loves the mint and milk chocolate.  Hubby loves the white chocolate and my favorite is the salted caramel.  The mexican has a little nutmeg spicyness to it that we are just not use to so it isn’t that we hate it, it just isn’t a favorite.  Dark chocolate is good but I am not a big dark chocolate person.

Hot chocolate is a must have for the winter. We just don’t want to have coffee but we want something warm. The flavor in this Hot Chocolate variety pack gives us everything we could want. We love to have something new when we get cold and want to warm up. We like a variety of food so why not in our sweets. Plus it’s a great treat at only 70 calories.

Crave gets their premium cocoa sourced from farms around the world. After they add flavors we get the best tasting, creamest cocoa available. Plus each one of the pods are BPA free that are not only safe, but they are also recyclable!



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