Crave Variety Pack – Packed Full of Flavor

Crave Variety Pack - Packed Full of Flavor

Crave Variety Pack – Packed Full of Flavor

If you like flavored coffee then Crave Variety Pack is perfect for you. This has a variety of flavors such as french vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon that is packed full of flavor.  These will give you an afternoon treat without the calories.  Get some of the flavors you are craving with no regrets. These go great with desserts!

Fill your k-cup holder with these Crave Variety Pack fun faces. Wake up with a new variety every day of the week. With flavors like butter toffee, blueberry vanilla, and souther pecan you will definitely find a new favorite coffee. Add some sugar substitute and some low-fat coffee and you will have the perfect morning wake up call.

Crave Variety Pack starts with 100% fresh roasted arabica beans. Then they add delicious flavors to add that extra special smell and taste. When you brew your coffee your house will be filled with these delicious flavors. All of this with just a touch of goodness and no bitter aftertaste. At zero calories you can have that 2nd cup and enjoy you morning just a few more minutes before the kids wake.

Desiree loves the caramel and french vanilla.  I like the hazelnut flavor. It adds just a small amount of the nut flavor to an already delicious cup of coffee. We have tried all of them and there isn’t any we hated, they each have a unique flavor. By adding cream and sugar you will bring the flavors out even more, it is delicious. Each cup is packed full of flavor and will not disappoint you.

Flavor is what they do! Crave is passionate about creating flavored coffee you will not only love, but you will Crave! From the ordinary to the extraordinary, their flavors will add some fun to your daily brew. That is why they are packed full of flavor.


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  1. I love the fact that they use Arabica beans in their coffee. And I would like to try this variety pack and try these different flavors,

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