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Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

Do your kids get bored when they are not in school?  Do they like to do crafts?  Well you really need to get them the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer.  It sets up in under a minute and they can create some awesome projects.  It is super easy to use, which I love!

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

The wonderful colorful box tells you right away this is going to be fun!  Just being from Crayola I knew it would be fun and safe!  I grew up using Crayola and so did my kids and grandkids.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

You get everything you need to get started right away.  The sprayer and the plug/cord for it.  5 different colors of markers.  2 sheets of cuts out, letters and some cool designs.  Plus they even give you a few sheets of paper to get started, now you are ready.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

I took the pieces out to make a horse, now do not throw away the other pieces because they can be used also.  The unit is plugged in and you take the top off the marker and tighten it in place.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

You have plenty of line to comfortable use the sprayer.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

Here I just started to get a feel for it.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

I waved it back and forth across the paper, as I pushed the button to spray the color on the paper.  You can switch colors and get really imaginative.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

All done is seconds.  Not bad for me.  I think an adult could use this to make some great signs and pictures, so this is not just for the kids.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

Of course I had to try the letters.

Crayola Air Marker Sprayer Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

Doesn’t that look nice.  Like I said this is not just for kids, adults could make a lot of things with this.  If Desiree does not use this I know I will!

Introduce your child to the world of spray art and airbrushing with the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer. This easy-to-use sprayer converts ordinary Crayola Broad Line Markers into a vivid, smooth spray of ink. Kids can use the sprayer to create their own patterns or pair it with the included stencils for precise themed designs. And thanks to its motorized, electric-powered design, the sprayer provides hours of uninterrupted fun–no batteries required.  Purchase at Crayola HERE.

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  1. This is really cool. What a good idea to use this to make signs. Would be good for middle and high school kids to have as well as adults.

  2. This looks like an amazing product. SOmething that would be so fun for my kiddos and very simple. They would be so proud of their creations.

  3. I love this! Crayola knocked it out of the park on this one! My little people would love how easy it is to use! The effects looked a little blotchy so I’m hoping it’s spray is adjustable!

  4. I appreciate that Crayola made this compatible with their already existing markers, making it a much more attractive purchase.

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