Crayola Face Masks Are Fun For The Kids

Crayola Face Masks Are Fun For The Kids

There is no other word for these Crayola Face Masks than adorable. These are well made and a portion of all Crayola Face Masks proceeds will be donated to the #KidsHelpingKids charitable fund aiding those most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can never go wrong with Crayola name on it, because you know it will be worth the money.

SchoolMaskPack introduces a reusable face mask system for Monday to Friday, as reopening efforts progress during the summer and upcoming school year. Crayola, with its trusted brand heritage, is committed to the schools and communities it serves.  In this spirit, SchoolMaskPack will donate part of the proceeds to the #KidsHelpingKids charitable fund that aids those most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new Crayola licensed 5-day mask system is a total solution for children, teens, adults, and teachers as people spend more time outside and re-enter shared spaces.  Each set comes with five super soft, dual layer masks that are machine washable. The masks come in different colors and licensed design varieties to encourage fresh usage Monday through Friday. Adjustable, secure fit ear loops allow the 3D masks to comfortably fit a wide variety of faces for both children and adults. Each set comes with a calendar card for the fridge to help kids and parents plan daily use and a mesh laundry bag for easy machine washing.Washed weekly, each mask can be worn for best use up to 6 months.

“We are proud to partner with Crayola in preparing children for a smooth transition back to school,” said George Hartel, Chief Commercial Officer of SchoolMaskPack.  “The mask system has applied our proven face mask technology to Crayola’s signature colors that have inspired many generations.  Additionally, in collaboration with in/PACT, the premier payments and solutions provider for consumer charitable giving in the U.S., customers will have the opportunity to help direct where SchoolMaskPack gives back to the community by donating toone of three charities that support kids who are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic – Donors Choose, No Kid Hungry, and Heart of America.”

“Crayola has always worked to support children in the home and in the classroom.” said Warren Schorr, Vice President of Business Development and Global Licensing at Crayola. “We’re glad to partner with SchoolMaskPack to bring options to their mask system and provide supportive solutions for school communities, parents, teachers, and children.”

Customers can purchase Crayola licensed non-medical cloth mask systems at www.schoolmaskpack.com, and through other online retailers.

About SchoolMaskPack

SchoolMaskPack is a non-medical mask retailer under Supara Group, a leading tech apparel company with over 400 points of sale worldwide. Established in the 1960s, Supara Group is behind market leading products including GQWhite™, the ultimate white shirt, and GQWhite™ Masks and the new Crayola licensed non-medical reusable mask system.  The company develops technical and functional garments while creating a true omnichannel retail shopping experience for customers to ensure detailed craftsmanship, comfortable fit and great design. www.suparagroup.com.

About Crayola

Crayola LLC, based in Easton, Pa. and a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Incorporated, is the worldwide leader in children’s creative expression products. Known for the iconic Crayola Crayon first introduced in 1903, the Crayola brand has grown into a portfolio of innovative art tools, crafting activities and creativity toys that offer children innovative new ways to use color to create everything imaginable. Consumers can find the wide array of Crayola products in the “Crayola Aisle” at all major retailers. crayola.com and www.facebook.com/crayola.


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