Create An Entertaining Space

Create An Entertaining Space

How to Create An Entertaining Space In Your Own Home 

From home gyms and doing groceries online to having a spa day at home, 2020 was the year people brought many of the things they usually leave their homes for into closer reach. With stay-at-home orders and people wanting to practice safety by staying indoors, people got creative about taking care of their health and wellness and how they unwind, and brought it all into the home. This has led to the significant increase in home improvement projects, including people creating their own makeshift offices, classrooms, and even entertainment areas. 

You can create a fun and entertaining space right in the comfort of your home for you and your family to enjoy. If you have a space in your home to create a special fun corner, this is a fun project to undertake going into the new year. Many people have said staying home has shed light on areas in their home that they don’t like. With simple tools and clever ideas, you can make your home better by tweaking those areas and making them places you actually enjoy spending time in. 

So how do you create a nice entertaining space in your home without breaking the bank? Here’s a step-by-step. 

Select the Area and Create the Foundation

The entertaining space you want in your home is determined by how much room you have, but remember, even if you live in a small apartment, there’s still a lot you can do. You can choose to have this entertaining space indoors or create a great outdoor relaxing space on your patio. First, you need some sort of a cart or cabinet to be the centerpiece of your entertainment area. You can buy a bar cart or you can thrift an old cabinet and upcycle it with a coat of paint, new door handles and even a new set of legs. You can also make it look and feel more fancy with some under bar wine glass racks, which are very easy to install. An upcycle is great because you can easily customize a piece of furniture to suit your space. If space isn’t an issue, you can also invest in a table to serve snacks. There are even some foldable tables that you can use and easily put away once you’re done entertaining. 

Somewhere to Chill 

Next you need a nice seating area to really give you that feeling of being out for a great meal and drinks. Seating is what truly makes an impact on how much time we want to spend hanging out in our entertaining space. If you have a big space, you can get a nice day bed for lazy lounging or some hanging chairs to give you the vacation feel. In a smaller space, you can get some glamorous armchairs or invest in a set of plush, comfortable and stylish bar stools. Make sure you create an amazing, inviting area.


The fun part of creating your relaxing space is decorating and making it truly feel like your own. Think about the vibe you want your entertaining space to have. Do you want a beachy feel, a glamorous 1920s feel or something really girly? Well you can easily bring whatever vibe you want through decor. You can easily buy art prints online, frame them and then put them up on the wall as statement pieces. That way, as soon as you enter this space you know it’s your chill zone and it’s time to unwind. Fairy lights can also give the entertaining space a more intentional feel, or you can get a custom neon sign made affordably online. Don’t hesitate to add quirky pieces, and a stack of your favorite board games. This space is about enjoyment and fun, so don’t hold back on those details. A simple touch you can make is have customized glasses for all your favorite people so that when they come over, they have their own. It will make them feel special and valued. 

The focus of this year for many families has been creating a home that feels truly customized to what they want and how they want to live. Sometimes all it takes to feel more at home in your space is intentionally mapping out an area for one purpose. We have workspaces in our homes, so why wouldn’t we also want a place to unwind and relax too? It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do. With just a few key pieces and clever decorating, you can create your own hangout space, and make your home feel even more crafted for your life. 

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