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Creation Crate @SMGurusNetwork @CreationCrate

Creation Crate is a great way to learn or to have your child learn electronics, coding, and problem-solving.  This is a teacher-designed curriculum that is the most educational and hands on subscription box in the world. Each month you will get your hands on an arduino project and develop new programming capabilities month after month. Once you receive all 12 badges you will have more hands on programming experience than 99% of current college level computer science students.

Creation Crate

Everything is in a box and inside the box everything is kept safe by wrapping it in bubble wrap.

Creation Crate

This is month 1 box.  This project will show you how to build a lamp that changes colors and only turns on when it is dark.
(We’re still not quite sure if the lamp controls your mood or the other way around.)

1.1. Arduino IDE Setup
1.2. Intro to Prototyping with a Breadboard (Fresh and Gluten Free)
1.3. My First Sketch (No Pencil Necessary)
1.4. Sine Waves and Algorithms, the sky’s the limit!

Month 2 box –

This project will help you build a fun game that challenges your memory recall
of randomly-generated sequences of multi-colored LEDs.

2.1. Using Multiple Inputs and Outputs (I/O, I/O, it’s off to code I go.)
2.2. Randomizing Outputs
2.3. Using Arrays
2.4. Generating Sounds – Frequency Manipulation

Month 3 box –

This project will help you use an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of an object.
(Yes, you too can be Batman (or Batwoman)!)

3.1. Detecting Variable Input Values
3.2. Using the Serial Monitor (Has nothing to do with breakfast food)
3.3. Inferring Hardware Configuration by Analyzing the Code

They have all 12 months explained on Creation Crate.

They have several choices to try this before you commit to a year.  This would be great for the child that likes to take things apart.  I shake all the time so it was hard for me to work on but this could be a great gift for an older person and a younger person.

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.


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