Critter Crafting For Homemade Gifts

Critter Crafting For Homemade Gifts

If you need a unique gift that everyone will love then you need to look at Critter Crafting for the holidays this year.  They crochet one-of-a-kind throw blankets, coaster sets, baby blankets, and Cat Mat pet blankets that both add comfort, texture, and color to the home. These are beautifully made and the stitching is impeccable!

I received these cat beds, which I am using for my dogs, and the coasters.  The crocheting work on the is so tightly woven than you can’t feel the table in this picture.

This picture shows the color better I really love it.  You can see how thick this is and the stitches took a lot of work.  These are the perfect size for a doll’s blanket so I hope my granddaughter doesn’t try to take them home the next time she visits.

The one is so full of colors and looks beautiful.

As you can see Misty wasn’t moving anytime soon.  They are the perfect size for cat beds.  The cat will cuddle up on these and sleep for hours.  They are great on the floor, on the chair or couch, or if you travel with your cat in the carrier with them.

Hubby and I both loved these.  They absorb any water dripping from out cups and dry off quickly.  They are nice to have on any table.

I love the designs and again made extremely well.

Critter Crafting grew out of a desire to keep the furbabies in our lives comfy cozy. These little pet blankets are simple pleasures for feline companions, who so often enjoy a nice cat nap in the sun.

Critter Crafting’s Cat Mats are unique pieces — not unlike our furbabies — with most styles being truly one-of-a-kind.

You will know that your cat will love their little pet blanket, whether they use it in their carrier for travel, on a favorite cat tree level, or wherever else they love to lounge. Cat Mats are machine washable and durable, so your pet can wrestle them and cuddle them for years to come.



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