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Cubii Get FIT While You SIT!

We all need some exercise and Cubii has the answer for a lot of people.  This can be used at work or home, under the desk or next to the couch.  If you need to get stronger and maybe lose some weight, Cubii is the answer!

I personally have gotten into the worst shape ever.  Gaining weight has made it hard on my knees, so now I don’t have another excuse.  Since I am on my computer way too many hours, Cubii lets me easily get in workout time plus extra time!

I really need to strengthen my legs then I will feel more secure to do other exercises.  I can get exercise time in at different times of the days.  In physical therapy they had me go frontwards and backwards and it is easy to do since it is right there and I have my feet on it anyways!

My mom is coming up next week and I think this would help her keep her leg muscle and bones in better shape.  Since she is 83 I wouldn’t want her using regular equipment without someone checking on her.  She works a couple days a week and her legs hurt her when she does.  I think this would help her get her legs even stronger than they are and easier for her to walk a lot.


Cubii’s patented design offers a smooth, low impact pedal movement, making it a safe & sound choice. There’s even enough clearance for a desk or table. Its whisper quiet design prevents noise disruption. It’s so easy to use, no professional’s supervision required. No need for special shoes either. 8 levels of resistance let you start slow & increase progress over time. Paired with PT accessories-like bands & weights-Cubii delivers even more dramatic results.

Finally, a way to do
rehab & restore
balance – all while seated.

  •  Reduce back pain
  •  Increase knee and hip flexibility & strength
  •  Strengthen legs & lose weight
  •  Increase ankle mobility & Improve circulation

Easy to adjust, large control so you can turn while it is still under the desk.

Track your process.  You will need to pull the unit out a little to start this monitoring.  There is a handle in the middle between your feet that makes it easy to move.  This does have some weight to it so I do not plan on moving it a lot, but the handle really helps to easily move it!

Overall the Cubii is something that will give you years of working out while you are seated to make your legs stronger than ever, plus lots of other benefits.  If you need to get stronger then check out the Cubii!

Connect with Cubii Pro

Bluetooth technology works with existing fitness trackers

Set goals, track progress, and share results with HCP’s

Keeps patients accountable

Monitors compliance, outcomes, and progress

Visit to learn more about the Cubii!







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  1. I finally found out where I won this excellent prize from!! It took me a while, and I am sorry about that!! I wanted to say Thank You very much to everyone involved with this giveaway!! I love 💕 it!! Thank you again!! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 & Happy New Year 🥳

  2. This would be perfect for me and for our small apt for space-saving as well! A lot of the work that I do is sedentary and I am working so hard to try to lose a lot of weight and I would be able to do this even while I am working and watching tv. I have some health issues that affect what I can do at times too but this is something I could do even during those times!

  3. As a fitness instructor and runner, I am really impressed with this product. It would be a great tool for me to use while I am working at my desk.

  4. This would be so handy for me. I have Asthma, so running especially in the cold isn’t great. It’s like exercise, can’t breathe, do the inhaler, and gain weight from the steroids. This would be perfect!

  5. I love how compact it is and how easy it is to use. Burning 150 calories an hour is awesome! I’d love to use this while I watch tv. I wonder if it would slide under or beside our couch.

  6. This is such a cool invention for home exercise equipment! I love that it can be easily stored in a closet unlike a full elliptical. I would love one for at home. The whole family would enjoy it.

  7. I really like this. I am on my feet all day as I am a nurse. It would be so nice to come home turn on the tv and exercise at the same time. I love how easy this is to store. Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for sharing

  8. wow! my husband and I can really use this. He has a bad back after surgery – I think it was like 10 surgeries. He has a hard time doing any exercise and we live where winter lasts forever! I hope to win this so we can try to be healthy.

  9. I like the fact that you have the chance to work out at your desk and it is whisper quiet. I like that there are 8 levels or resistance. I like the fact that it helps reduce back pain and helps with knee flexibility.

  10. I have major nerve issues with my left hip and leg. Having this to help stay in shape would be wonderful ! With so many medical expenses, I just cannot afford to buy one right now. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

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