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Dance Costumes – The Colors To Watch For In 2018

Dance Costumes - The Colors To Watch For In 2018

Dance Costumes – The Colors To Watch For In 2018

Dance costumes tend to silently, yet dramatically, change as the year nears its end. As we begin a new season in the dance world, we watch for the colors that morph into the new look for dancers across the globe.

2017 was the year for pastel pink, pale lavender, and smoky blue. 2018 will have a subtle difference. Pink will give way to dusty rose. Lavender will step-aside for orchid. Blue is going to be used sparingly and ivory and nude will be the sensation.

Designers are taking these wispy, barely there colors and adding making them pop with trims of black, navy, and metallics. 2018 will be anything but dull. Of course, there are productions that demand bright colors. Red, yellow, forest green, and royal purple will be used in those situations.Watch for gunmetal gray combined with understated hues of sea green, baby blue, and purple. You will light up your stage with Alexandra Costumes.

Check the dance bag

As the new year begins, you should check your dance bag and its contents. This is the perfect way to spend some of those holiday cards and holiday cash.

  • Check your bag
    • Is it worn or frayed?
    • Does the zipper work?
    • Is it stained?
    • Does it smell like dirty socks?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need a new dance bag.

  • Tights and leg warmers
    • You go through a lot of tights. In order to look your best (you never know who is looking) make sure your tights are in good repair. If they are wearing thin, have runs or holes, or simply no longer fit well, throw them out. The same rule applies to your leg warmers.
  • Dance shoes
    • You will get a lot of use from quality dance shoes. It is fine to wear less than perfect shoes while practicing as long as they function well. However, when you go for performance, wear nice shoes. If your shoes are scuffed, faded and just not as pretty as they once were, save them for practice and invest in your shoes.

Other items you need to check and replace as needed

  • A jacket or sweater
  • A towel
  • Breath Mints
  • Protein bars
  • Water bottle
  • Hairbrush
    • Hair-ties
    • Hair products (hair spray, gel, etc)
    • Hand-held mirror
  • Deodorant
  • Body spray
  • Bandages and first-aid creams
  • Lip balm
  • Extra tights, warm-ups, and tee-shirt
  • A disposable razor and shave cream in case you need a touch-up or if you are changing into a skimpy dance costume

More good ideas for your dance bag

  • An updated resume and photograph
  • Notepad and pen and a magazine for those long waits
  • A prepaid credit card.
    • You may find yourself getting out late and not have means to a bus. Have a prepaid card so you can get a taxi or Uber. This allows you to slip it away and eliminate the need for carrying cash.
  • An emergency power source for your cell phone

This is a good time to update your costumes, dance bag, and shoes. You will soon be wearing trendy colors and styles and you will be ready for anything. It is important to show you your respect for your art. Get ready for the new year and expect to climb higher than you ever dreamed.


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