Dance Date Gets You Ready To Dance

Dance Date Gets You Ready To Dance

Dance Date Gets You Ready To Dance

Dance Date will get you ready to dance!  How you ask? Well you need to learn the different steps and they can show you those steps. Right online you will learn to have fun and twirl around.  Enjoy this when you have the time and really can immerse yourself into having a great time! No pressure, no one is watching. Grab your significant other and tell him we are finally learning to dance together. Dance Date can teach even the person with 2 left feet. Look more graceful on the dance floor than ever!

Don’t worry about not knowing anything about dance, they will show you everything you need. You will learn 12 different moves that you can use to dance to any music. Get your groove on and get your partner on their feet and dance around your home for years to come.  You will laugh and really spend quality time together. Each video is about 90 minutes to help you learn the new dances.

If you need a refresher course you will have access to Dance Date for a lifetime! You can pause and replay their videos until you get the moves the way you want them.  The owners explain the dance steps in clear terms and showing you so you will understand exactly how it should looks. You can go to their home page and learn 2 steps right now.


You’ll be spinning and dipping in no time, but most importantly they teach you the language of connection. After 15 years of teaching couples together, they have learned that connection is the thing that makes hearts beat and sparks fly. Dance Dates are private, intimate, playful, and you don’t even have to leave home. Here’s what you get:

  • 4 virtual Dance Dates
  • 12 versatile dance moves
  • Class notes pdfs for each date night
  • Their favorite YouTube playlist of songs to dance by
  • Their secret approach to creating a fabulous date night
  • Lifetime access from your device via web or app

Dance Date is for couples at any age or any stage in their relationship. Maybe you’ve never danced together before or maybe you have, but you will definitely learn something new and have incredible date nights along the way. Beginner and intermediate dancers welcome!




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