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Dancing Pet All-in-one Natural Pet Shampoo

Do you give your dog or cat, a bath and have a hard time rinsing the shampoo out?  Or do they scratch because it seems to dry their skin out?  Have you ever thought about using a natural shampoo on them?


Dancing Pet has a wonderful All-in-one Natural Pet Shampoo.  This shampoo helps to soothe, heal, and restore your pets skin from allergies.  No more scaly, dry, itchy skin and it cleans and detangles the worst dirt.


I have tried to use more natural products around my family and grandchildren.  Why not on my dog?  Only makes sense to be the next step.

This shampoo is gentle but still very effective.  It rinses out really easy so you are not rinsing a bunch of times and never get the shampoo completely out.  Then this effects your dog’s skin, not anymore.  This product will not deactivate flea treatments, so no need to reapply.  It also helps speed up the healing of insect bites, abrasions, and skin irritations.


This professional strength natural formula uses botanical extracts, citrus, palm and coconut.  It will soothe, restore, protect, and bring back the soft healthy shine.  You only need this product to clean and soften their fur so you do not have to keep them wet for any longer than needed.  This formula can be used on dogs, cats, and horses.


On top of being natural the smell is just a fresh scent, no perfume smell, just clean.  No greasy feeling is left when using this.

You only have to use 1 product and get the job done fast.  It cleans without stripping the natural oils.


Dancing Pet All-in-one Natural Pet Shampoo does not contain alcohol that dries the skin.  Does not contain tea tree oil that can sting and leave a greasy residue.  No hydrocortisone that breaks down the skin.  No MEA’s or DEA’s.  Also does not contain phosphate or sulphate.

If you think your pet has allergies, give this product a try it can clear up most if not all the itching.

They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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I received this product to give my honest opinion.

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