De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush

De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush

De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush

I love this De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush! I don’t have to constantly peel off layers of tape, and waste half of it. I don’t have to buy refills.  It is always ready to use.  It is big enough that it takes seconds to clean my couch off. Every household needs one of these De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush. This one is their De Novo™ Deluxe Self-Cleaning Lint Brush. It has 2 sides to let you clean more quicker.

This is super easy to use and slides in and out without much effort.  It completely cleans the dog hair and link from the brush for me to start over again.  I even did my dining room carpet with it and seriously it took just a few minutes.  This works great.

This is the bottom that just screws off for emptying.  Yeah it is reusable for years. Once you purchase this De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush you won’t have to buy another one for a really long time.

You can barely see inside but this collects everything off the brush, and doesn’t miss anything.

This is their Back-to Basics model and works just as good as the top one.  It is smaller than the top one. It has a place to open and empty the lint.

It is easy to use and a little lighter than the top model.

De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint brush

This uses the same technology to clean the brush.  It is one-sided.  It works just as good as the top model.

De Novo™ products are stylish and innovative. Equipped with electrostatic micro-bristles so the lint, hair, fuzz is attracted to the brush or roller like a magnet. Along with our self-cleaning technology it means less trash for you to discard (no more disposable sticky sheets and no more buying refills), without compromising style, because each of our lint brushes are made to be displayed.

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  1. I’ve never seen this in a store. Maybe this would work for getting all the cat hair off my bed and chairs. Looks good!

  2. This is so amazing, everyone with pets needs one of these! I am with you on the sticky paper ones, what an environmental waste too! I am definitely going to get one of these, thank you so much for sharing!

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