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Deluxe Ring Toss

Deluxe Ring Toss

Ring Toss was always a part of my daughters lives.  Now with Deluxe Ring Toss it is even better and great for having fun anyplace.  This is great when kids have friends over, playing outside is so much better than sitting around in the house.  This would be perfect inside or outside and even little ones can play this game!

Funsparks Deluxe Ring Toss Game Set is a complete package that can be used both indoors and outdoors. To play, choose a line from which the players will throw. For those who prefer rope, we’ve included 8 rope rings and for those who prefer plastic there are 8 plastic rings, pick your favorite. The player to go first will toss their first ring at the wooden pegs and will aim to hit the pegs with the higher points, then the second player throws their first ring. The players keep alternating back and forth until all rings have been tossed. At the end of the game, whoever accumulated the most points wins the game!

Helps young kids develop their skills and abilities with fine motor controls that can benefit with sports, writing, concentration and even basic math skills.



Our ring toss set includes 8 robust rope rings, 8 plastic rings, 1 durable wood base and a high quality carry bag for all the materials.

Deluxe Ring Toss game can be played virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors; The set comes with a carrying case allowing you to take it on vacations, to parks, beaches, camping trips, birthday parties and more!

Grab a set of Deluxe Ring Toss from Funsparks and you will not be let down! This set is a few dollars less expensive than a lot of other sets on the market with better quality. At Funsparks they understand Quality is virtually everything, and they can say with emphasis this product will not let you down!

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