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Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets

Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets

Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets

If you love watching football then I know you have a favorite team!  Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets can give you the team logo on a huge blanket to show your love of your team. I received this Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets and my husband loves it. Before you say it, I know they aren’t the best team but they are Michigan’s team and we have to stand by and wish.

These Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets make fantastic gifts for the NFL loving fans. Add to their collection of memorabilia. This blanket is super soft and it is huge at 60″ X 84″. Big enough to cover the biggest fans.

Don’t worry they have your team too!  I believe they have all the NFL teams.  Don’t let the biggest fan miss out on this wonderful blanket!

The blanket is so soft and cuddle because it is made from a super-soft micro plush fabric. What I like best is that you can wash this in your washer and it doesn’t get messed up. It still looks as new as when you received it wash after wash. That’s because this has a dyed into the fibers and is made to get softer after each wash. Now that is a smart blanket.  With this blanket you will never have to worry that washing it will ruin it, instead it makes it better!

This is one of the best blankets I have ever reviewed.  It is made with premium fabric, perfect stitching, soft fabric, and vibrate colors. Made in the U.S.A. so you know the workmanship is premium! Also the billions of air pockets created between the fibers help to maintain an ideal body temperature, both in cool and warm conditions. It’s like a having an invisible thermostat built right into the blanket. They recommend washing this before your first use.

This is the same as 2 blankets because there are 2 blankets sewn together. So you know you will have this for years to come.  Get everyone their favorite team’s Denali Home Collection’s NFL Blankets for the holidays, at their birthday, housewarming, for the man-cave, or just because.  That way no one will want to take yours!

They also have a incredible warranty! If you’re not completely satisfied with their blanket, simply return it within 60 days of purchase for a complete refund or replacement. They will also replace any Denali blanket purchased after 2017 that’s damaged beyond repair by normal wear and tear for as long as you own it.

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