Diamond Art Club

diamond art club

Diamond Art Club

I love to do projects that take a little time, but no too long that I get frustrated.  Diamond Art Club kits is perfect for me to do when I have time then when it gets done it is gorgeous!  Plus they have picture choices for anyone you know.  My daughter, Kellie, loves to do these and sends me pictures when she is done, beautiful is the only words for it.

The one above is the Pink Mermaid which is gorgeous!  Beautiful pink and blue/green, this will make a great piece on my granddaughter’s, Betty, wall.

The diamond art are printed on Self-Flattening Velvet Tarpaulin Canvas, so these are made to keep a long time.  The kits include everything you need with Color Coded Rhinestones that make it easy for anyone to do.  I like to give my mind a break and this just takes me to the world of the crafts, let the stress melt away.  The rhinestones are Safe & eco-friendly, made with 100% real resin.  Also includes Magic Diamond Applicator, Wax Pad, and a Craft Tray.

These kits make great gifts, and the finished products makes a great gift from your heart.  I would love to receive a gift like this that someone took time to make for me.  If you need a unique, fun, top quality present then take a look at all the kits Diamond Art Club offers.  You might be surprised a how many they have.  These are great to put on a frame or put into a frame.

From tigers to people all the way to landscapes they have a lot of really great options to choose from.  I know you will find something you love! There has never been a better time to release your inner artist and create something amazing. Browse their breathtaking collections of themed art, choose your next project, and receive your kit quickly with their fast shipping times. Their share your completed piece on social media so they can see.

Diamond Art Club






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  1. These sound like so much fun to do. So relaxing. These look awesome when finished. Thank you so much for sharing this

  2. They have some really gorgeous kits. I think your granddaughter will really love the one you are making for her!

  3. These pieces are just awesome. Beautiful colors and great to hang up at home. I think doing this would be very relaxing. I love that they are done on canvas. Thank you so much for sharing this

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